Orgasms are deeply personal, pleasurable and potent. They are one of the most complex and vulnerable human experiences, yet we fall into the trap of rushing, disconnecting and labelling them as the goal of sex.

Yinn is an advocate for slow and sensual pleasure practices. We support you in surrendering and exploring what unbounded sexual pleasure feels like for you with modern, holistic and fun sex education to uplift and inspire.

In honour of World Orgasm Day, we’re discussing nine types of female orgasms.

Everyone’s journey is different, so if you’re struggling to reach climax, we recommend chatting with a trusted professional like our CEO Rosie Rees or joining the Golden Yoni Membership.
Why do orgasms feel so damn good?

An orgasm or climax is a physical reflex when muscles tighten during sexual arousal and then relax through rhythmic contractions. It’s an epic physical and emotional release which floods the body with oxytocin. This has the power to chemically bond you to your partner and can explain why many love post-sex cuddles.

Orgasms vary from person to person, and each climax you experience will be different. You might squirt or gush and experience a subtle to intense release - There’s no one size fits.

Why the O face?

It’s normal to laugh, cry, sneeze, giggle, scream and do almost anything you can imagine before, during and shortly after orgasm. When we’re aroused, pleasure is front of mind, so we typically experience less fear, anxiety and pain. This is because the lateral orbitofrontal cortex (the part of your brain responsible for logic, rational thinking and judgement) becomes less active. Less rationality gives room for more sensuality which can explain that uncontrollable ‘O’ face.

An Orgasm Sound Library Exists

The Orgasm Sound Library celebrates authentic and diverse female pleasure, and you can take part by uploading your own. Pornography can distort our view of sex and what an orgasm ‘should’ look or sound like, so do yourself a favour and take a listen here.

Why do we fake it?

Fake it till you make it should never be applied to orgasms. According to a study by the Orgasm Sound Library, 52% of women admitted to faking it to end sex, satisfy their partner or because they felt they had to. 21% of males admitted faking it too, strongly associating finishing with their masculinity. When we asked you, 76% said they have faked for various reasons.

We hope this deep dive will educate and encourage you so you stop pretending and start communicating.

So let's count them down:

1. Vaginal Orgasm

These orgasms occur through penetrative vaginal sex. A 2017 study published by The Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy uncovered only 20% of women can orgasm from penetration alone. Vaginal orgasms can still involve stimulation of the G-region, A-spot, cervix, and indirect stimulation of the clitoris. 

The G-region and A-spot explained

PSA: It’s not a G-spot, it's a whole region.

The G-region is a tube of erectile tissue that wraps around the urethra, making it part of your clitoral network, which can stimulate the clitoris.

To find it, lube up and carefully insert your fingers inside the vagina, moving them in a come hither motion until you find an area that's ridged like the top of your mouth (note: it may soften when aroused.)

The A-spot, aka deep spot, is along the front vaginal wall, usually about 10 to 15 centimetres back and boy can it produce some body-tingling orgasms.

You can indirectly stimulate through anal sex, but it’s a bit easier to reach vaginally. To explore easily, we recommend our curved glass pleasure wand, The Luna so check it out here.

2. Clitoral Orgasm

58% of you told us clitoral orgasm is your typical way to climax - It's a crowd favourite for good reason. Stimulating the clitoris directly, or touching the surrounding labia, increases blood flow, engorging the clitoris, which can lead to an orgasmic release.

Our friends at The Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy note 36.6% of females need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, and another 36% have more enjoyable orgasms with clitoral stimulation (even though they could achieve orgasm without it.)

Want to experience a clitoral orgasm? Use the Oil-Based Lubricant to naturally nourish the area and stroke the clitoris back and forth in different-sized circles.

3. Erogenous Zones

Any body part can be erogenous with the desired stimulation. Common pleasure zones include the neck, ears, inner thighs, feet and nipples.

Each nipple has hundreds of nerve endings, making them sensitive and pleasurable to touch. Nipple play triggers the genital sensory cortex, the same area of the brain aroused by genital stimulation, and yes, penis owners can experience them too. Need we say more?

4. Multiple Orgasms

The orgasm gap exists. Research shows Australian men are 39% more likely to orgasm than women during sex. The good news - women have a shorter refractory period (time after orgasm when you’re no longer sexually responsive), so they can orgasm more. A 2016 study reported 8% of women said it was “easy” to have multiple orgasms.

The World Orgasm record backs this up. In one hour, the most a male has orgasmed is 16 times, while a woman achieved 134 (that’s one orgasm every 2.2 minutes.) The record was achieved by Sylvia Konior, who documented each O expression with a photo. Seriously, you can view it here.

5. Blended Orgasm

Blended orgasms occur when multiple pleasure zones are stimulated simultaneously. It's a simple equation:

More stimulation = more blood flow = more pleasure

It could be clitoral stimulation with vaginal penetration or perhaps the stimulation of one or more erogenous zones simultaneously.

6. Exercise Orgasm

Need another reason to exercise? This is it! According to a 2021 study, approximately 9% of people have experienced the big O during a workout at least once.

Abdominal exercises can induce an orgasm, but cardio and weight-focused training have potential too. The key is a well-developed pelvic floor and movements that cause waves of contraction and relaxation.

Keep in mind vaginal or clitoral stimulation will be required for most people to reach climax, so don’t fear audible moans in the public gym. However, if you want to crack a coregasm, we can recommend hanging leg raises, boat pose and eagle pose. Check out #coregasm on TikTok for a few orgasmic ideas. 

7. Breathing Orgasm

Breathing techniques don’t just enhance your orgasm - they can help you reach it hands-free! When aroused, many of us tense and hold our breath. Rather than bearing down en route to climax, try relaxing your body and using your breath to bring yourself there. Author Courtney Avery outlines Orgasmic Breath also known as a sushumna nadi pranayama here, so give it a read.

8. Sleeping Orgasm

Thought wet dreams were just a teenage boy thing? Think again. It’s not uncommon for females to experience sleep or nocturnal orgasms, especially later in life. They typically occur during REM sleep and are accompanied by a sexually arousing dream thanks to the deep relaxation and increased blood flow to the pelvic region.

Want to experience one? Hold out on orgasms during the day, stimulate your erogenous zones before bed and sleep on your stomach. Yep, it’s been scientifically proven stomach sleepers experience more erotic dreams, likely due to the tighter positioning of bedding or clothing.

9. Mental Orgasm

Energy goes where attention flows, so what if we told you the brain can produce a powerful mind orgasm without physical contact? It might sound like mind tricks, but it’s pretty simple.

“The key is, there is a part inside a woman’s mind capable of infinite positive, pleasurable response. It is always active, so you aren’t going into her mind and making her orgasm. You are unlocking, unleashing and directing that which already exists,” says Hypnotist Mark Cunningham.

No extra nerve information is necessary because it’s already being produced within your brain from the vagus nerve, which stimulates specific pleasure centres in the brain. The same pleasure centres are activated in the brain during a mind orgasm as a physical one.

The key is to relax, assume a meditative position and practice breathing techniques like those discussed in the breathing orgasm. Yoni egg exercises can help get the ball rolling so check out our White Jade Yoni Eggs.

No matter what orgasm you end up experiencing on World Orgasm Day, we hope it's an extra pleasurable one.

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- Y x
July 31, 2023