Internal orgasms, also known as vaginal or cervical orgasms, occur when the internal parts of the vagina and cervix are stimulated. Having an internal orgasm can be a powerful and intense full-body experience, but it can also take time and practice to achieve. Vulva owners have described them as earth-shattering, triggering, emotional, and hysterical. 

This type of orgasm can lead to deep emotional releases. They can trigger thoughts, emotions, trauma, and stuck energy that needs to exit the body. You may cry for no apparent reason, hysterically laugh or feel blissed out.

There is no right or way to experience an internal orgasm. Not every internal orgasm will trigger an emotional response but it’s important you’re aware of these uncontrollable responses. If they do happen, remember to communicate clearly with your partner so they can support you in your experience.

Here are a few tips for having internal orgasms:

  1. Explore your body.
    Take time to become familiar with your whole body and internal anatomy. Use a mirror and a wand to explore your vulva and vagina, and pay attention to the sensations you feel
  2. Build up arousal.
    This is key to achieving an internal orgasm. Take your time to build up arousal through foreplay, self-exploration, and any other forms of sexual activity
  3. Experiment.
    Try different types of touch and pressure on your internal organs, such as the cervix and the G-spot. Experimentation will help you to find the types of touch that feel best for you. Explore different speeds and directions too, you may prefer a side-to-side type of stimulation verse a circular motion
  4. Use lubrication.
    This will help make internal touch more comfortable and enjoyable. We recommend our water-based lubricant which you can find
  5. Focus on your breath and relax.
    It’s commonly reported that people hold their breath when experiencing an orgasm or trying to achieve one. This actually stifles your orgasm, preventing you from achieving the true heights of pleasure. Relax your body and breathe deeply to deeper internal stimulation and amplify your experience
  6. Communicate. If you are engaging in sex with a lover, it’s important to communicate your desires to your partner. Listen to your body and share with your partner what feels good and importantly, what doesn’t. Offering guidance and encouragement rather than criticism will create a more pleasurable experience for all. A great example is saying “it feels really good when you go slowly” compared to simply saying “slow down.”

It's important to note that internal orgasms don’t typically happen overnight. They can take time and practice to achieve. They may not happen at all. Remember not everyone is able to experience internal orgasms and that's okay. Honour your body and your journey.

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March 12, 2023