Glass Pleasure Wand

The Aura


Your greatest power lies dormant, hidden behind the armoured walls of your most intimate parts.

Use The Aura to bring love to the parts of your body that hold the most tension and potential for transformation. The Aura can be used to sow the seeds of pleasure and gently massage numb, or avoidant areas until they awaken. While The Aura can be used internally in the Yoni as a pleasure wand, gentle attention and massage to the emotion stored in the anus allows you to integrate surrender inside and outside of the bedroom.  

Made of pure body safe 100% borosilicate glass that has been annealed and tempered it is the highest quality material to use internally. Paired perfectly with both of our Yinn Lubricants, unlock your pleasure patterns and receptive nature from within using The Aura’s unique shape.

Its 14.2cm length is designed for experiencing deep, sensual opening in the bedroom. The Aura blooms at both ends, allowing you to explore your inhibitions with the larger end (3.4cm), and gently reintroduce yourself to your true essence with the smaller (2.7cm). 

With its unique and lightweight (130 grams) form, The Aura allows for precise internal movement and massage. Its design gives permission for slow anal pressure and internal dearmoring. Feel the tension melt in the most intimate way with the simple pleasure brought by The Aura.


Centimeters: 14.2 length x 3.4 bulbous end x 2.7 round bulb - 130 grams

Inches: 5.5 length x 1.3 bulbous end x 1 round bulb -  4.5 ounces

*All our products are handmade, meaning variation can occur as every wand is unique.


The Aura wand with our cotton/flannel branded pouch for safekeeping.