We enhance what nature provides.

Meet Yinn

When we remember that intimacy is the glue in a relationship, we understand the importance of creating sensual moments both solo and with a lover. A high-quality personal lubricant goes a long way in between the sheets and Yinn lubricants and body oil help to facilitate these sacred solo and partnered moments of sensual connection.

Our skin is the largest organ in the body and absorbs everything it comes in contact with, which acts as a timely reminder to only apply the highest grade natural products - especially on our beautiful genitals. Formulated with 100% plant-based, organic ingredients, Yinn gives your body the best. Yinn is hypoallergenic, tasteless and odor-less and pH balanced making it the perfect option for natural lubrication.

The Foremothers

Originally birthed by leading Sexologist Juliet Allen in 2021, Yinn was bought by Australia’s Pleasure Entrepreneur and owner of Yoni Pleasure Palace Rosie Rees in 2022. The brand remains Australian made and owned with a dedication to creating plastic-free, sustainable, user-friendly oils for the world to enjoy. 

Yinn exists to empower women, men and non-binary people to embrace and explore what authentic sex feels like to them. It’s through this intimate exploration that we’re able to transform the relationship we have with ourselves and in turn, deepen the way we relate with others. Authentic sex can inspire positive changes to the relationship we have with our bodies, and also our sense of Self. Knowing this, our offering is designed to help you make contact with your personal and evolving definitions of pleasure.

From enhancing stimulation, to inspiring a higher level of sexual consciousness, we’re driven by a desire to connect you to your authentic sexual energy. We formulate with natural and organic ingredients because loving ourselves is about giving our bodies the best. Our high-performance sexual wellness product formulas are crafted to promote feelings of safety and surrender during life’s most intimate moments.

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The Lubes

Formulated in small batches in Sydney, Australia, our lubes have impressed and attracted global attention from health conscious icons such as Kourtney Kardashian, Gwenyth Paltrow and Halle Berry. And for good reason! Our lubricants truly speak for themselves with our customers expressing they are a ‘game changer’ in the bedroom.

The Yinn Oil Based Lube (our best seller) is based on coconut oil and is gentle on sensitive skin yet deeply hydrating. This luxurious lubricant can also be used as a daily ritual to hydrate and replenish intimate skin thanks to nutrient rich organic Argan, Pumpkin Seed and Seabuckthorn oils. If you want a moisturising glide, without the need to reapply, this is your pick!

The Yinn Water Based Lube is a silky blend of hydrating hyaluronic acid, anti-bacterial colloidal silver and soothing chamomile and calendula extracts, with a base of organic aloe vera. Perfect for non-sticky condom-use and those steamy shower sessions for some extra glide. It’s easy to wash off and doesn’t leave a trace on your body or your sheets. 

We’ll let our lubes do the talking and our reputation with return customers do the rest! 

The Body Oil

We are a sum of the rituals we prioritise in our day. One powerful ritual for self care, skin elasticity & youthfulness is body massage. The Body Oil deeply nourishes your skin leaving you glowing and soft without a tacky or greasy residue. Whether it’s self massage, partner massage, breast or belly moisturisation or adding a few drops to your next hot soak, The Body Oil is formulated to support you in letting go. With a sensual blend of organic Jojoba, Sunflower, Coconut, Hemp Seed and Rosehip Oils, your skin — or your lover’s — will be left feeling soft, hydrated and smooth. Ditch your regular lotion and relish in this heavenly plant-based blend. 

All-natural lubricants and sensual body oil are your bedside gateways to letting go.