7 Day Yoni Egg Immersion

With Rosie Rees

Meet Your Instructor

Rosie Rees (she/her) is an activist for internalised freedom, a groundbreaking sex toy creator, sex educator, and pleasure pioneer whose very existence is a catalyst to a leg-shaking awakening of your own. 

Rosie is the founder of Yoni Pleasure PalaceThe Naked Awakening (Women’s Nude Yoga), and one of Australia’s leading Sex and Relationship Coaches. Her work started with her own awakening and continues to have a ripple effect of viral proportions that is actively creating the world we have been waiting for. 

Immerse Your Yoni 

The Seven Day Yoni Egg Immersion is a foundational online course teaching you everything you need to know when starting a yoni egg practice. Offering you super practical exercises as well as informative tutorials, you will receive all the appropriate tools to feel confident in beginning a dedicated pelvic floor practice with your crystal egg.

Created by Yinn CEO Rosie Rees, the online course guides you through a journey of self-discovery, pleasure empowerment and pelvic transformation. By devoting seven days to a consistent yoni egg practice - everything changes! You become stronger, wetter & hornier just from 10-20 minutes of a dedicated kegel practice.  

Whether you're a total beginner or have previous experience with Yoni Eggs, this course is tailored to meet you where you are and support you every step of the way.

What sets this course apart from others:

Unlike other online courses, this program offers you achievablepractical yoni egg exercises you can do every single day. With Rosie guiding you every step of the way, there are accessible floor-based practices with a cushion as a prop as well as standing postures and movements that span between 10-20 minutes in length.

This program is both affordable and achievable for time-poor folks who desire no-fluff, step-by-step guidance whilst wearing their yoni egg.

This course is best suited for those who desire to…

✔️ Learn achievable step-by-step practices to do with their yoni egg

✔️ Deeply connect with their vagina 

✔️ Tone their pelvic floor using the yoni egg

✔️ Have an internal orgasm 

✔️ Feel less numbness and more pleasure & sensation inside their vagina

✔️ Enhance lubrication and arousal 

✔️ Feel more creative and juicy

✔️ Implement a daily yoni egg practice between 10-20 minutes in length


This course is not targeted for folks who have…

❌ Chronic pelvic floor tension or pelvic pain

❌ Vaginismus or an involuntary tensing of the vagina 

❌ Stage four pelvic prolapse

❌ Vulvodynia - burning or rawness in pelvic area 

❌ Chronic thrush, UTI’s or bacterial vaginosis 

❌ High risk pregnancy* 

*choosing to wear your yoni egg during pregnancy is a personal choice. Some women find it incredibly beneficial, whilst others choose to avoid kegel activation practices.

What’s Included in the Yoni Egg Immersion:

Experience my 7-Day Yoni Egg Immersion, filled with premium video and audio content to expertly guide you through this transformative course.

Guided Video Content 🎥

Introduction video, my story & about how I discovered the Jade Egg

I am the creator of Yoni Pleasure Palace, founder of Splash Blanket and owner of Yinn Body organic lubricants. I also created the women's-only workshop Naked Awakening in 2015, which is a three hour experience in overcoming body image issues and honouring your naked body thorough the practice of yoga, breath work and meditation.

When to NOT use your yoni egg

Your time of bleeding is an essential and sacred time of shedding, releasing and letting go, not just physically but also emotionally.

Active vs Passive Yoni Egg Practices

When using your yoni egg you can choose to do an active or passive practice. An active practice involves inserting the egg and doing a dedicated "Kegel" pelvic floor practice, such as what's included inside this yoni egg course.

How to Cleanse & Clean your Yoni Egg

Before and after using your Yoni Egg, it is crucial to properly prepare it. Start by washing the egg with warm water and gentle, non-toxic soap to ensure it is clean and sanitized.

Techniques on how to insert and retrieve your yoni egg

This practice involves gently placing a yoni egg into the vagina for various purposes, such as strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, increasing sexual pleasure, and promoting overall well-being.

The importance of high quality stones and their crystal healing properties

When it comes to choosing the right yoni egg, there are several factors to consider to ensure you have a positive and effective experience. The first thing to consider is the material of the egg.

7 x Guided Yoni Egg Yoga Practices

Videos ranging from 10 - 20 minutes in length

1 x Relaxation Yoni Egg Practice for releasing tension

Guided practice

Audio Content & Extras 🎧

History & Benefits of the Yoni Egg

We cover the history and all benefits of the Yoni Egg

1 x Guided yoni egg insertion ritual & intention setting

Enjoy this guided Yoni Egg practice.

Reflecting On Your Practice

As you near the end of your 7 Day Yoni Egg Immersion, it is important to take some time to reflect on the journey you have been on. Throughout this course, you have learned about the ancient practice of using yoni eggs for spiritual and physical healing. You have also gained a deeper understanding of your own body and connected with your feminine energy in a powerful way.

Juicy resources and further support

As we near the end of our 7 Day Yoni Egg Immersion journey, it is important to have resources to continue your practice and learning beyond this course. One valuable resource is our online private Yoni Pleasure Palace Facebook community.

What You'll Experience:

Pelvic Floor Toning

Strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles for improved bladder control, enhanced sexual pleasure, and overall well-being. Daily practice, just 10-20 minutes a day, can yield profound results, allowing you to experience the full benefits of Yoni Egg practice.


Embrace your divine feminine essence, cultivate self-love, and awaken your inner goddess as you connect with the ancient wisdom of the Yoni Egg.

Heightened Sensation

Experience a deeper connection to your body as you increase vaginal sensitivity, leading to more intense and fulfilling experiences of pleasure.

Crystal Healing

Harness the healing properties of natural crystals to balance your energy centers, release blockages, and promote holistic wellness.

The Importance of Daily Practice:

Consistency is key when it comes to unlocking the full potential of the Yoni Egg. Just like any other muscle in your body, your pelvic floor muscles benefit from regular exercise including a weight resistance. 

By incorporating the Yoni Egg into your daily routine for 10-20 minutes a day, you can significantly enhance pelvic floor strength, increase blood flow to the pelvic region, feel more arousal and lubrication and experience greater control and awareness of your body.

Embrace the Power of Doing Your Kegels AKA “Puss Ups”

Kegel exercises, which involve contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles, are an essential component of pelvic floor health. When combined with the weight resistance of the Yoni Egg, Kegels become even more effective, helping you to tone and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles from the inside out. Whether you're a new mother looking to regain pelvic floor strength, a woman experiencing bladder leakage, or simply seeking to enhance your sexual pleasure, regular Kegel exercises with the Yoni Egg can make a world of difference in your overall well-being.

Course Highlights

Seven Daily Guided Video Practices

Each day, you'll receive practical, powerful practices to support you on your journey, tailored to help you unlock the full potential of the Yoni Egg.

Informative Tutorials

High quality video & audio workshops to educate on the history, background and benefits of pelvic floor toning. 

User-Friendly Portal

Go at your own pace and watch the high-quality video content inside a Teachable platform. 

Lifetime Access

Enjoy lifetime access to all course materials, allowing you to revisit and deepen your practice whenever you desire.

Join Us Today and Embrace Your Divine Feminine Essence!

It’s never too late to prioritize your pleasure and your pelvic floor. And guess what? They go hand in hand!! If you have a weak pelvic floor, you may potentially have weak orgasms or feel a dullness in arousal or sexual sensation. 

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and sensual awakening. Whether you're seeking to enhance your pelvic floor health, reconnect with your body, or simply indulge in some well-deserved self-care, our seven-day Yoni Egg Course has something transformative to offer you.

Expect to feel stronger, wetter and more connected with your whole body after a week of these juicy yoni egg yoga practices.

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Join me and I’ll see you on the other side.