Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand

The Hera


Unlock your inner goddess.

Meet our crescent-moon-shaped Hera wand, designed to expand self-love and unlock the goddess within. Named after the Greek goddess of marriage and queen of heaven, this stunning hand carved, rose quartz wand will meet you at any stage of your self-pleasure practice. Created in stunning rose quartz, she has the power to heal and open your heart, enhancing the energy of love in your body and life.

The 16.9cm curved shape of this wand allows you or a partner to bring deep love within. Use Hera’s 3.3cm thicker end to activate the G-spot and 2.2cm slimmer end for a cervical massage. You will be singing to the heavens when you allow her smooth, thicker end to enter and awaken your erogenous zones while the gentle bend makes her easy to handle. Set an intention, warm under running water if you desire and add your favourite Yinn lubricant. 

Let Hera slow you down, bring loving intention to your most intimate moments and make you feel like the queen you are.


Centimeters: 1 6.9cm length x 3.3cm thicker end x 2.2cm thinner end - 238 grams

Inches: 6.65in length x 1.29in the thicker end x 0.86in the thinner end - 8.4 ounces

*All our products are handmade, meaning variation can occur as every wand is unique.


The Hera wand with our cotton/flannel branded pouch for safe keeping.