Yinn believes in slow and sacred pleasure practices.

In a world of quick fixes and instant gratification, it’s easy to disconnect and get swept up in the goal of orgasm. Our crystal pleasure wands are a gift from Mother Earth, here to transform your pleasure practice into one of deep self-love and healing, bringing a more profound connection physically, sexually and spiritually.

Why wands?

Each wand is unique and hand-crafted from the highest quality crystal or glass, holding a special vibration you can experience internally in the yoni or anus and externally through massage. When you start practising with a wand, you will likely experience heightened sensation, sensitivity and well-being as you slow down and use it to feel into intimate areas that hold tension.

Crystal vs. glass

Crystals are a powerful way to replenish your intimate areas with new energy, removing old, stale or stagnant energy. 

Glass is an excellent alternative if you aren’t partial to crystal and want a more affordable option.

Feeling intimidated?

We understand glass or crystal wands may seem intimidating initially, especially if you’re used to softer silicone toys and vibrators. We use 100% borosilicate glass, known for its superior quality, making it resistant to thermal shock. Borosilicate glass is medical grade, lead free and non-toxic, making it body safe and hypoallergenic. It can withstand extreme temperatures so it's perfect for temperature play (warm it up under hot water or place it in the refrigerator.) 

Where do we source from?

We source the highest quality crystals from around the globe, including Mexico, Brazil and the Yunnan province in China. Once the crystals are mined from these locations, they are sent to our exceptional staff in China and shaped into a wand. Our suppliers do not use chemicals, BPAs, phthalates, glues or dyes; the crystals are 100% raw and natural. Our crystals are more delicate than glass, so we recommend you take extra care, leaving them in your pouch for safe keeping to avoid damage. 

How to use your wand

  1. Remove your wand from the eco-packaging and gently cleanse it with warm water using a natural soap or essential oils. Avoid boiling water, as this could crack your crystal.

  2. Energetically charge your wand under the sun or moon (or both if you wish.) You can also cleanse the wand in the ocean, salt water lake or an Epson salt bath to bring it back to its purest form.

  3. Set an intention. What do you want this wand to bring you? For example, it could be deeper connection with self, clearing past energy from a relationship or just having a pleasurable experience. Close your eyes and feel into the intention before starting your practice. Cup the area of your body you intend to use your wand and ask it for permission to enter. There's no need to force it. If you're not ready, you can work on connecting with your crystal by placing it somewhere you can admire like your night stand.

  4. Create a sacred space that feels safe and homely. Light a candle or incense, and put on music (try our Spotify playlists here.) Make sure you have your Yinn Lubricant on hand. Both the Water and Oil-based lubricants are safe to use with the wands, and if you can’t decide which to use, check out our guide here.

  5. Open and soften your body. Connect with your heart and womb space by giving a breast and/or womb massage with The Body Oil. You might like to further open the heart space with a warming cup of cacao (check out Solis Cacao here.

  6. Apply the lubricant to your body and wand, trusting your intuition and letting it guide you and allowing your breath and body to move freely. Enter into the practice with self-love and pleasure at the forefront and try and remove the goal of orgasm from the equation. 

  7. Insert whichever end of the wand you desire; you may like to use the bulbous end to massage the clitoris, the pointed end to play with the anus or either to enter the vagina - the adventure is yours. Stay curious and be present. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to self-pleasure, so be with your body and soul and give yourself time and space to explore.

  8. Check in with yourself and reflect post-pleasure. You might like to meditate and sit in ecstasy for a few moments or write in a journal about what came up for you. We love the Pleasure Journal by Georgia Grace which you can check out here. 
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August 23, 2023