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An interview with Alice Browning, owner and founder of The Fold, a female online community that houses movement, wisdom, meditation and heart.

Q) Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.

I align with She/Her. I founded The Fold after 10+ years of teaching Yoga for studios, it’s like having a slab of my heart online. My 15 month old daughter is my world, writing keeps me (moderately) sane and if I can ever commit to getting my invoices in on time, I will know that I’ve reached peak grown up status.


Q) Where can people find you?

Website: thefold.online

Instagram: @thefold_online


Q) What inspired you to start The Fold?


After a decade of teaching Yoga full time, the main takeaway students gathered from my classes was my ability to hold space, this sometimes strong, always steady energy and the support they felt in my guidance and I took that and created this online platform. 

The Fold began with my yoga classes and has now bloomed to amplify so many more women, their voices, wisdom and authentic guidance.


Q) Tell us about your business journey. How was The Fold birthed, and where is it headed?

We began in our living room during Covid lockdowns, glamorous and professional AF and now we are growing steadily toward becoming an online womens directory.

A place to uncover guided Yoga, pilates and meditation practices, to educate yourself on female focused nutrition and hormonal balancing naturopathy, a place to land softly in your cyclical living and an invitation to feel fully seen, heard and understood.

Q) What is your favourite yoga practice and/or posture, and why?

All time favourite has to be an LSD ( long, slow, deep ) practice, it’s like a beautiful balm for our mind and body.

The perfect combination of juicy slow flow, into long held, supportive Yin.


Q) What postures do you recommend for expanding the love in your life?

This kinda leads me into my everyday must practice pose, which is anahatasana, like a love letter to unburden the heart, melt length into your spine and free up your shoulders, it's delicious.

Q) Do you see a connection between yoga and pleasure? 

Big time, Pleasure through my eyes and experience is a sense of joy and freedom.


Q) What would you tell someone who hasn’t done yoga before but is considering it?

Do it.

Release yourself from the confines of emulating a  “perfect practice” and choose to focus on a safe alignment for your body, a steady current of breath and remember this time you have dedicated is to direct energy through the subtle, physical and emotional bodies. 


Q) How important do you believe it is to embrace our sexuality? 

Incredibly, I refuse the notion that as women we either need to lead with our sexuality to denote our worth or deny ourselves as sexual beings to demand respect.

We, as women, get to explore what sexuality means to us, and that is incredibly powerful.

Acknowledging ourselves as feeling, desiring beings and not numbing ourselves to the pleasure soaked moments in this crazy life is integral work.


Q) What do self-care and self-love look like for you?  

A long candlelit bath, dripping oil on freshly washed skin, body massage and fresh sheets.

On the more mundane everyday spectrum, movement is massive for me, an online Yoga practice delivers me back home to myself.

And coffee, the first coffee of the day that my partner makes for me and we sit on the couch together, that is straight up love, intertwined with self care.


Q) What do you love about your body?

My legs and the curves of my waist.

These legs have carried me across stages as a burlesque dancer, through theatres as an actress and into love, then sometimes straight back out.

Watching this waist,  its fluctuations with motherhood and its simultaneous strength and suppleness, its awe inspiring. 


Q) What’s an unexpected moment that brought you pleasure this week?

The winter sun warming my back as my daughter and I sat on the grass, eating juicy, in season mandarins.


Q) Favourite song to get you in the mood?

Probably D’Angelo, he can do no wrong.

My ‘between the sheets’ spotify playlist is all sultry, stripped back tunes of that era.


Stay tuned for a special The Fold x Yinn collaboration launching soon.

- Y x

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August 15, 2023