Connect to your womb space with a grounding yoni meditation created by Certified Reiki Healer and Meditation Teacher Helina @sacred.soul.magick.

In Tantra, Taoism and other spiritual pathways, sexual energy is considered life force energy. Relearning our connection to our yoni and womb as life force energy and the essence of our health, creativity and spirituality is a journey of powerful liberation. The more connected we are with our yoni and womb space, the more we are vibrant, radiant, intuitive and aligned with our inherent sacredness.


In this mediation, Helina uses The Hera rose quartz pleasure wand. Hera is named after the Greek Goddess of Marriage and Queen of Heaven to help us unlock our inner Goddess.

Rose quartz is strongly attached to both the heart and throat chakra. It’s a stone with the properties of loving energy, abundance, joy, healing emotional wounds and inviting more compassion and care. Rose Quartz is connected with the divine feminine - helping us to learn how to self-soothe, be healed by our own hands, and uplift our potential into Goddess frequencies. It cracks open the heart and puts us back in alignment so we feel connected, comforted, and open to all the possibilities a joyous life can bring.

Womb Healing Meditation

1. Light a candle (and/or some incense) and play some gentle instrumental music that resonates with you

2. Lay down comfortably on your back and let your body relax. Close your eyes when you feel ready

3. Take a few slow and full breaths to soften into your body and the present moment

4. Place The Hera on your womb space and either keep your hands on your lower tummy or by your side - whichever feels right for you

5. Visualise a very soft and pale orange and pink light circling and activating your womb space and sacral chakra (Svadhishthana)

6. After some minutes, when you feel intuitively ready, say the affirmation: “I am that I am. I trust in my ability to heal myself. I am healing my womb and my relationship to my yoni. My womb and body are sacred. My womb and body are healthy. My womb and body are safe.” Repeat as many times as you feel comfortable and needed

7. Inhale all the healing energy and with each exhale, feel yourself releasing all that doesn’t serve the highest good of your womb. As you exhale, feel yourself become lighter and your womb re-energising itself

8. Place The Hera (or the yoni wand you’re using) by the side of your body and just let yourself be in stillness for a few moments as you slowly return to the present moment and your physical surroundings. Slowly wiggle your fingers and toes and place your hands on your belly

9. Spend a minute or two feeling all the loving energy flowing within you and how much your own womb wants to whisper her wisdom to you, fill you with creativity, empower you and help you birth your wildest dreams and projects into existence

10. Place your hands on your heart space and give thanks in whatever way feels right for you. Thank yourself for taking this incredibly healing step, embracing a shift in how you care for your body, and for taking time to love yourself just a little bit more

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Y x

August 08, 2023