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An interview with third generation Herbalist and owner of Sexpot Apothecary Jessica Burch who creates herbal medicine to enhance sexual experience, build libido, assist with fertility and balance hormones.

Q) Tell us a little about yourself and what you do. 

I am a third generation herbalist, so I’ve been around herbal and alternative medicine and healing modalities my whole life. I love making herbal medicine feel approachable and accessible, especially in the areas of sexual health, hormone balance and libido (places where Western medicine doesn’t have a lot of great tools, and herbal medicine really does.)  

Q) What inspired you to start your business?

A few years ago a friend of mine called me on his way to a date, and confided he was not feeling very confident about his recent performance. I told him to stop by on his way and I sent him off with a little ‘love potion.' He called the next morning and said he needed more of the stuff right away, wanted a whole vat of it and the idea for Sexpot was born.  

Q) Tell us about your business journey. How was it birthed, and where is it headed?

When I decided to start Sexpot I began by sourcing and extensively researching, testing and formulating with the most potent aphrodisiacs from all over the world. I settled on a few simple formulations to launch with that I knew would serve both men and women, and have a broad applicability for enhancing sexual experience and building libido and sexual energy.  We have grown quickly, and I am very excited about and even overwhelmed by some of the big things ahead of us. 

Q) What is your favourite product you have created and why?

My favourite formula is #24, the male virility formula, because it is such fantastic overall support for male health, can be taken regularly over time, and really builds sexual energy, testosterone, and sperm health in steady, sustainable ways over time. It’s also my most sold-out and repeat-ordered formula.  

Q) How important do you believe it is to embrace our sexuality?

I believe sex and sexuality is one of the most intimate, sacred and precious aspects of our being, and that truly tapping into our sexual selves can absolutely transform our lives and is a path to wholeness and healing.   

Q) What do self-care and self-love look like for you?

I spend a lot of time in the garden, I have a morning ritual of meditation and movement, and I consistently work on creating loving inner dialogues.  

Q) What do you love about your body?

Essentially everything. 

Q) What’s an unexpected moment that brought you pleasure this week? 

A swim in a wild lake in the Appalachians. And as usual, everything about my gorgeous husband.  

Q) Do you have any particular people in your life who inspire you to be a sexually empowered person? 

I look to some of the most sensuous, tasteful, elegant and sexy women that ever lived for inspiration. Sophia Loren and Angelina Jolie are among my personal favourites, and I’m sure you can imagine your own.  

Q) Where can people find you?

Social media has been a perpetual challenge for us, as we’re constantly censored and shadowed, but you can find us on instagram at @sexpot.apothecary, on TikTok, and on our website at www.sexpotapothecary.co.

- Y x

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August 04, 2023