It’s no secret taking a bath is beneficial for your mind, body and spirit. Submerging your body in water has been scientifically proven to reduce pain and inflammation, calm the nervous system and reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

Now just imagine adding self pleasure to the mix.

Bath tubs are perfect for prioritising self care, slowing down and exploring your body in an intimate, safe and sensual space.

Perhaps you discovered the pleasure of water running over your vulva at a young age, maybe it was the detachable shower head later on or maybe this is completely uncharted territory.

We’re excited to invite you on the journey.

Self-pleasuring in the bathtub has a lot of pros

  1. It’s typically private, giving you freedom to explore your body without disturbance
  2. You can wash away any mess so there’s little to no clean up required
  3. It’s a gentle, non-intimidating reintroduction to pleasure. Let the water from the tap or shower head move over your vulva and control the pace and speed of the rhythmic vibrations
  4. It’s a great way to reconnect to your body and experiment with self pleasure outside of toys (but remember you can introduce these too) 
  5. The slow paced nature of a bath gives you time and space to build arousal and play with edging
  6. If you have a bathtub or shower, it’s a free experience (but please be mindful of the planet and your water bill)

How to create a pleasurable bath experience 

To get in the mood you need to set the mood ~ Create a space that's calm, inviting, and sensual by lighting your favourite candle, putting on a sexy playlist, grabbing a glass of wine, throwing in some natural bath bombs or steamers - the adventure is yours

Just add Body Oil ~ Our Body Oil is a sensual blend of organic massage oils, formulated to support you in letting go. Add a few drops in the tub and smell the organic jojoba, sunflower, coconut, hemp seed and rosehip oils come alive. You can also massage the oil all over your body, focusing on particular areas like the breasts

Turn yourself on with pleasuring tools ~ Play a sensual podcast, indulge in a book or if you want to experiment with toys, have our Luna pleasure wand within reach. 

Practice Edging ~ Edging is the practice of stopping pleasuring right before climax and then restarting again to increase the intensity and duration of your orgasms. When you feel yourself about to orgasm, stop stimulation or slow down the pace before restarting again and repeat until you’re ready to surrender.

Utilise your fingersWe live in a fast paced world full of quick fixes. Many of us are so accustomed to our toys we forget how good our fingers can feel in and around our bodies. The naturally slow pace of a bath can put you in the mental space to relax rather than rush the experience. After all it’s about the journey not the destination.

Introduce partner play ~ Once you’re comfortable and familiar with yourself in the tub, why not introduce partner play? ​​Take it in turns to sit safely on the edge while you give each other oral, play with vertical positions in the tub, take turns to lie back on a bath pillow and have fun with it.

Don’t have a bathtub? Don’t worry. A shower is also an incredible place to explore pleasure, especially if you have a detachable shower head.

Elevate your wet experience with our organic Body Oil which you can find here. 

March 18, 2023