Whether you’re stuck in a lockdown in a tiny apartment with a lover, you’re separated by closed borders from your key relationships or you’re in a chosen long distance relationship, we’re all figuring out how to navigate staying connected in a time of distance.

If you’ve found yourself in a long distance relationship it can be hard to transition from physical growth and connection to virtual scheduling and isolation. We’ve added some of our key connection tips to help you continue to enjoy and build an exciting relationship.

Build the tension

Never underestimate a sexy daytime text. If you’ve set a date for a call or video chat, build the tension for your lover throughout the day by writing out your fantasies of what you would do if you were there with them right now, or send a photo of what you’re planning to wear during your call later. This is going to grow excitement for not only when you’re physically close again, but also add a layer of anticipation to the call.

Love yourself

Now is the perfect time to invest in yourself, explore your own body and get to know what you like without anticipating the needs of your partner. Use this time apart to learn what turns you on through self-pleasure and worship your body daily.

Keep it exciting with toys

If the video chats have been getting a bit dull, the addition of a toy can add some extra excitement. Treating yourself to a crystal wand cannot only aid in your self-pleasure, it can bring your phone sex out of a manual place and into something more elevated and exciting.

Communication is key

If you’re not feeling sexy right now don’t force it, acknowledge that most of us have found ourselves living in a time of incredible stress which is one of the top killers of your libido. Talking it out with your partner can take a weight off your chest and open up a dialog about something that they themselves might be struggling with too. Opening up and communicating with your partner will also bring a different level of intimacy.

March 11, 2021