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In our current warped society where hustle culture is raised above self-care and taking time to rest has an ingrained layer of guilt attached, it’s difficult not to realise the benefits of adding a simple ritual to your morning routine to check-in with yourself and truly thank the body that helps you achieve all those daily goals. This simple five-minute morning ritual can help you feel more present within your body and grateful for all it helps you do.

One Minute Body Scan

A simple body scan in the morning can help you feel more present and focused throughout the day, it can also facilitate a deeper understanding of which parts of your body might need a little bit more rest and release. This can be done either lying down or sitting up. Close your eyes, take a series of deep breaths in and out in a secession of 4 seconds in, 8 seconds hold and 4 seconds out, as you scan your attention through different parts of your body. Take time to check in at each spot and vocalise how they feel. Begin at your forehead and move down until you reach your toes.

Two Minute Self-Massage

If you take your showers in the mornings be sure to shower first and then take your favourite body oil, such as the Yinn™ Body Oil adding a few drops to the palm of your hand before rubbing them together. Begin working the oil and applying pressure to your skin, moving from your neck down to your chest, around your nipples and down to your stomach – thank each part of your body for what it does for you. Tell your stomach that you thank it for nourishing you and giving you energy to achieve your goals. Work your way down to your sex centre saying whatever comes up for you when you massage this part of yourself, perhaps thanking it for giving you the gift of pleasure, for facilitating an incredible power of energy. Visualise this ball of energy working its way from your genitals up into and around all the other regions of your body.

Two Minutes of Mirror Work

Use this section of the ritual to move stagnant energy throughout your body by playing your favourite playlist and dancing in front of your mirror. It might sound like something you did when mimicking your favourite pop star during your childhood but bear with me. Mirror work enables us to bring up feelings we have of ourselves and work through them in a positive way. Staring at yourself can be super intimidating, but working through those feelings, honouring them and replacing them with positive affirmations all the while moving your body sensually to some vibration raising music is a guaranteed way to build energy more than your morning coffee ever could.

Rest. Receive. Surrender.