Toy Spray

The Cleansing Toy Spray

30 mL

Introducing the world’s first all-in-one toy cleaner, room spray and body safe fragrance.

An essential companion for your glass, crystal and silicone toys, our Sensual Toy Cleansing Spray is formulated with skin-loving witch hazel for a gentle and intimate clean.

Infused with the seductive scents of patchouli and ylang-ylang and enhanced with the loving energy of rose quartz, let its alluring, earthy-sweet fragrances sweep your senses away.

Use it to clean your intimate toys or sensually mist it in the air or over your body to awaken desires of sensuality, serenity and self-love.





Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel), ylang ylang essential oil, patchouli essential oil and rose quartz chips

Hamamelis virginiana

A native North American shrub also known as witch hazel has been used for centuries as a natural skin remedy to ease inflammation, reduce irritation & increase sensitivity postpartum.

1. Shake before use
2. Spray from 15cm away on toys, wipe and rinse
3. Spray in rooms for a sensual ambiance
4. Safe for skin, including intimate areas