Yinn exists to empower women, men and non-binary people to embrace and explore what authentic sex feels like to them.

It’s through this intimate exploration that we’re able to transform the relationship we have with ourselves and in turn, deepen the way we relate with others. 

A self-pleasure practice can inspire positive changes in the relationship you have with your body and sense of self.

Here are three ways you can level up your self-pleasure practice:

1. Keep lube close

Lube is always a good idea. It provides slip and slide, meaning less friction and more pleasure. It's no surprise studies show it makes orgasming 50% easier. Our all-natural lubricants work with what nature provides to help you surrender and let go. Formulated with 100% plant-based, organic ingredients, they’re hypoallergenic, tasteless, odourless and pH balanced. 

2. Take it slow

Remember self-pleasure is a journey, not a rush to climax. We recommend setting time aside to tap into your body and relax; clean your space, light some candles, put on music, and romance yourself. Give yourself a sensual massage with The Body Oil, designed to help you slow down. 

Our glass pleasure wands are curated to bring a rich presence to the depths of you that long to be touched. Use The Luna to make love to the most nuanced places in your body like the g-zone, a-spot, and p-spot.

3. Explore something new

Solo sessions allow you to explore your preferences in the bedroom and experience pleasure in new ways before introducing a partner. Interested in anal? The Aura glass pleasure wand doubles as an anal toy with two ends for precise internal movement and massage. The two-sized ends make it the ideal toy for anal sex beginners and pros alike.

Ready to take your self-pleasure practice to the next level? We have just released The Trilogy Collection, designed to meet all your sensual and sacred needs. It includes our three best sellers; The Luna, The Aura and your choice of lubricant or The Body Oil. To celebrate International Masturbation Day on Sunday 7th of May, we’re offering 15% off The Trilogy for one day only - Don’t miss out.

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May 03, 2023