Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s Masturbation May - Do we need another reason to discuss self-pleasure and motherhood?

We live in a culture that de-sexualises mums. Main steam media shows them sacrificing everything for their children, leaving little or no time for pleasure with a partner, let alone themselves.

At Yinn Body, we encourage everyone to embrace and explore what authentic sex feels like to them. Here are seven ways you can prioritise pleasure during motherhood:

1. Change your perspective.

It’s common to deprive yourself of pleasure when your child/children become your world. When caring for others, it’s more important than ever to tend to your sexual needs. By masturbating, you’re giving back to yourself, honouring your body and acknowledging your joy. You deserve to feel good physically and mentally, both with a partner and yourself. 

2. Tune into your body.

After going through the physical trauma of birth, you may feel more or less in tune with your body. Perhaps the sensations of pregnancy and delivery allowed you to tap into yourself more, or maybe you were left feeling desensitised, struggling to navigate your new post-birth body. A crazy amount of changes happen during the birth process; physically, mentally, sexually and spiritually.

It’s important to be patient with yourself, slow down and connect with a self-pleasure practice. The Body Oil is a fantastic way to rest, receive and surrender. Add it to a hot soak, apply it to your body or massage it into your body. Start tuning into your bodily sensations and watch your world of pleasure expand.

3. Schedule it.

Society does a great job of shaming self-pleasure while putting self-sacrifice on a pedestal. Everything can get in the way of your alone time, so mentally or physically, mark it out in your diary. Find a time that works best for you; when you don’t have kids to attend to, another caregiver can step in and you’re likely to feel at your best.

4. Ask a partner to help.

Parenthood is a team effort. Having sex together is essential, as is allowing each other to have solo sessions. Open up the conversation and tell your partner why a self-pleasure practice is necessary. The partner can then take the kids out of the house, put them to bed or let them know that mum needs a few minutes alone.

5. Seduce yourself.

Loving your body postpartum can be challenging. Exploring your new body solo can help you grow confident and reclaim your sexual identity. Admire yourself in the mirror, light candles, and put on some music. Our Hera pleasure wand is designed to help you unlock the goddess within. Created in stunning rose quartz, she has the power to heal and open your heart, enhancing the energy of love in your body and life. Check her out here.     

6. Be a role model.

Recognise you’re role modelling parenthood to your children. If you want to raise sex-positive children who are safe, educated and aware, it’s necessary to have those chats and also demonstrate prioritising self-care. You’re teaching your children to value themselves and prioritise their health.

7. Remember the benefits

Feeling stressed? Need more sleep? Remember, the health benefits of masturbating are plenty. Read our article 8 Reasons To Masturbate Tonight.

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May 10, 2023