An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away! You may giggle, but seriously, the benefits of masturbating for everyone are plenty. We’re self-pleasure enthusiasts at Yinn and believe a regular practice is a powerful way to connect to body, mind and soul.

When you pleasure with a high-vibration crystal wand like our rose quartz Hera, you release stagnant energy, unlock your sexual essence and can even bring back sensation to your yoni.

Whether you prefer a pleasure wand, toy or go manual, we have eight reasons to pleasure yourself today and every day during Masturbation May:

1. Relieves stress

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that orgasming releases oxytocin, resulting in less cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body and that feel-good feeling afterwards. Remember self-pleasure isn’t simply about orgasming - it’s the journey. When you take time to tune in and touch your body you’re likely practising mindfulness, the act of being in the present moment. Going solo also eliminates performance anxiety allowing you to let go even more.

2. Dulls pain

A study by famous sexologist Beverly Whipple, Ph.D., R.N., found that vaginal stimulation can increase your pain tolerance threshold by over 40%. Impressive right? We have the feel-good neurotransmitters; dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin to thank for this. So if you’re struggling with a headache, muscle pain or menstrual cramps, try slowing down with a sensual self care session. 

3. Strengthens pelvic floor

Orgasms essentially create a series of muscle contractions for your internal organs - It’s like a mini workout for your pelvic floor! A yoni egg is a great way to improve your pelvic floor too so check out our sister company Yoni Pleasure Palace.

4. Boosts mood

When you pleasure yourself, you activate parts of the brain responsible for pleasure like the hypothalamus and thalamus. In turn, there’s decreased activity in parts of the brain responsible for fear and anxiety like the lateral orbitofrontal cortex.

5. Increases libido

If you’re struggling with low libido, a regular self pleasure routine could be the answer. The more sex you have, the more you crave it (it’s as simple as humans loving things that feel good.) If you want to make your experience even more enjoyable, always add lubricant to make things slippery. We love that our Oil Based Lubricant works with what nature provides to provide long lasting moisture and slip. Check it out here.

6. Get to know your own body

Even if you have a partner, it’s important to regularly schedule a time to be with your body and explore what you like. Your sexual preferences change with the season so why not explore new stuff with yourself before introducing a partner? Wanted to try anal? Our Aura wand will do just the trick and is so easy to use during solo play.

7. Improves skin

They don’t call it the post-sex glow for no reason. That same glow occurs when you have sex with yourself. Orgasms increase blood flow to the skin, opening the blood vessels and creating a peachy glow. Plus the oxytocin released with orgasm can reduce inflammation, and the appearance of pimples.

8. Assists with sleep

Ever wondered why you feel sleepy and relaxed after sex? At night, your body naturally releases oxytocin, serotonin, prolactin, and melatonin, as part of your daily cycle. However, sex releases even more of the first three hormones plus it inhibits cortisol which is responsible for making your mind wander into stressful territory at night.

Ready to start masturbating? The Trilogy kit is designed to meet all of your sensual and sacred needs so check it out here. Stay tuned for weekly articles this Masturbation May and receive 10% off your first order when you subscribe here.

May 02, 2023