Giving a blow job can be intimidating but also empowering and sexy.

Maybe it’s your favourite way to pleasure a partner or hearing the words has you running for the hills. We asked for your best BJ tips and we’re confident these pointers will have you feeling like a dick-sucking queen in no time. 

Blow jobs can be phenomenal for givers and receivers. The receiver experiences a unique sensation they can’t achieve on their own. Unlike penetrative sex, they can sit back, relax and watch their member move in and out of your mouth. Givers have the thrill of using the power of their mouth to bring their partner great amounts of ecstasy (anyone else feeling turned on already?)

Ready to level up your BJ game? Read our 9 tips below:

1. Consent and communication

The best blow job is the one your partner wants to receive. Sexual preferences are different and you should never do something you don’t want to. The clearer you communicate your wants, needs and desires, the better sex you’ll have - period. 

Make the setting comfortable, safe and sexy so both parties can release and relax. If you tire, feel uncomfortable or need a break, it’s important to change positions and tell your partner what you need for a more enjoyable experience. Pillows are your best friend here. Try curling up near your partner’s dick and sucking while laying down or have the partner sit on the side of the bed so you can have more control of your body.

2. Confidence and enthusiasm

This is a game-changer. Show passion and dedication and watch your partner’s pleasure skyrocket. It’s important to feel sexy while blowing so take a bath, get in some lingerie or put on a sensual playlist. Choose to have fun and don’t overthink it. 

3. Start slow and build

Sex is a journey, best enjoyed relaxed, open and turned on. Build arousal with a good tease. For example, start kissing your partner from head to toe, play with the balls, talk dirty, lick around the tip or explore temperature (try putting an ice cube in your mouth pre-oral.) The more aroused your partner is, the more they’ll enjoy the experience and you might be surprised how turned on you get in the process.

4. Experiment with tongue

The head of the penis is typically the most sensitive so lick, suck and kiss at different paces, gaging your partners’ response. Generally, thrusting, moaning and positive verbal cues are a good sign while pulling away may need you to hold your horses. If in doubt, ask what they desire - simple and sexy.

5. Eye contact

Maybe you avoid oral because you don’t feel as connected to your partner as face-to-face sex. The occasional glance and battering of eye lids isn’t just a great way to check in on your partners’ experience, it’s also builds connection and brings you back to the present moment. You can change the position of your body so your partner can enjoy the view. Try moving to the side, grinding on their legs or blowing in front of the mirror.

6. Play with the balls

Don’t underestimate some ball play. The perineum (the area between the scrotum and anus) and the testicles are super sensitive. Playing, sucking, squeezing and nibbling their balls will drive them wild.

7. The wetter, the better

Time to saliva up and get sloppy. A personal lubricant is essential for providing extra wetness. Our products are 100% natural, made with food-grade organic ingredients so they’re perfectly safe to ingest (although we recommend limiting the amounts) Find out more about our lubricants here. 

8. Get handsy

When you’re ready to up the intensity, put your hands to work and play with pressure and sensation. Try making an ‘okay’ sign around the cock, moving your hands up and down, remembering to use lube. Then connect your mouth with your hands, twisting your wrist like a pepper shaker. You can also try edging, the practice of moving close to climax by pausing before orgasm until they’re ready to cum.  

9. Deep throat

It’s not for everyone (hello gag reflex), but it can be enjoyable with a few simple steps. Remember to breathe, take breaks if necessary and don’t try it right after a big meal. Building to deep throat is recommended but if you want to jump straight into it, you go glen coco, 

Other points for a pleasurable BJ:

Manscaping ~ No one likes pubes in the mouth

Shower ~ An easy way to make genitals instantly taste better

End game ~ Decide how you’re going to take it before you start. If you want to swallow, it’s handy to have water close by. If you prefer to just use your hands, ask your partner to let you now when they’re about to cum

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April 26, 2023