We’re thrilled to announce our Body Oil is a finalist in the Clean + Conscious Awards 2023. The Awards continue to serve as a reputable platform for recognising excellent products that are clean and conscious across Australia and New Zealand.

The Awards, which are 100% independent and run by a team of women, are the brainchild of blogger, mother and practising Optometrist Emily Fletcher, who founded the Awards when she identified the need to celebrate safe and socially responsible products. Products across 96 different categories have been verified as non-toxic, ethical, sustainable and socially responsible.

Emily, who has postgraduate qualifications in Pharmacology and has studied Advanced Chemistry at university, says, "Our fifth-year anniversary marks a significant milestone, and we are excited to announce the finalists of our largest and most comprehensive Awards to date."

"Since our inception in 2019, there has been a growing trend in consumers seeking our guidance in selecting products that are proven to be both clean and conscious. By shining a spotlight on excellent clean and conscious products, we aim to effect change on a grander scale," shares Emily.

Our Body Oil will now enter a hands-on review phase by the Awards 2023 Expert Panel. This year’s incredible panel includes a diverse and inclusive mix of industry professionals, eco-leaders, beauty experts, authors, sustainability educators, wellness experts, change makers, ethical fashion advocates and more.

Winners of the 2023 Clean + Conscious Awards will be announced in August 2023 so stay tuned.

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- Y x

June 15, 2023