What if we told you that you could fuck your way to manifesting your deepest desires? No, we’re not talking about casting spells with orgasms – we’re talking about sex magic.

What is sex magic?

Disclaimer: there is no singular definition of sex magic and in turn, there is no right or wrong way to practice it. Juliet Allen, leading Australian sexologist and founder of Yinn.™ shares her interpretation of sex magic on episode 19 of The Authentic Sex Podcast: “I would define sex magic as using the power of your sexual energy to manifest what you want in all areas of your life.”

“Manifesting isn’t just about saying ‘this is what I want’ and writing it up. It’s about genuinely feeling it in your body.” Stop and think: what is it that you really, really want? And when you picture that goal coming to fruition, what are the emotions that come up? “How does it feel when you close your eyes and you feel into how it would feel to have that in your life?”

To practice sex magic, take a moment before making love to set the intention of what you’d like to manifest using the sexual energy that’s about to unfold. You can set an intention for yourself or set a joint intention with your partner. You can manifest money, a new lover, moving into a new home, a baby, or anything that you desire; listen to your heart, your gut, your sex centre and your head.

Where does the moon come into it?

Energetically, the moon is powerful – only to be surpassed by a full or new moon, which are even more powerful.

You can harness the power of a full moon by practicing sex magic under its guiding light. First things first: take note of when the next full moon will take place, and the one after that, too. This moon cycle will become a timekeeper of sorts; you can set a goal that you think is achievable within that period, or use the end of the cycle as an opportunity to check in and reassess.

When a full moon shines bright in the sky, magic is in the air. The energy is palpable. To make the most of this mystic experience, incorporate the four elements – fire, earth, water and air – into your next romp. Make love beside a fire, under the moonlight or on the earth, and you’ll set the groundwork for some powerful sex magic to unfold.

July 20, 2021