Are you looking for a relationship? It’s okay to say no. In fact, sometimes it’s responsible to say no. If you’re single and not looking, you might be focusing on healing, working through some shit or just busy enjoying your own company.

However, if you are single and you are ready to meet your ideal lover, we can help. Rather than leaving the whole thing to lady luck, you can consciously attract the man or woman of your dreams using the power of manifestation – here’s how:

Take stock

Ask yourself: what does your ideal lover look like? How would you describe their personality, appearance and demeanour? Be specific. There is no such thing as too much detail.

“I do this with so many clients and some people say ‘but I don’t know what I want’,” Juliet Allen, leading Australian sexologist says on episode 17 of The Authentic Sex Podcast. “If you’re stuck writing down your dream, simply think of all the things you’ve been saying that you don’t want… [and instead] think of the opposite. For example: ‘I don’t want a guy who drinks all the time’ [becomes] ‘I want a guy who doesn’t drink alcohol and I want a man who values health, clarity and presence.’”

Write it down

Now, write it down. Do not skip this step! There is power in putting pen to paper.

Be open to the universe

If you meet someone who piques your interest, tune into the four centres of your body to get an honest read on whether they’re the right person for you. Start with your sex centre (does this person turn you on immensely?); move on to your tummy (what is your gut telling you right now?); check in with your heart centre (is there a deep connection present?); listen to your head (what does the voice inside your head have to say?).

Mark our words: manifestation is a powerful tool that won’t cost you a dime. Your ideal lover is out there. And once you’re clear on what you’re looking for, you’ll recognise your soul mate when you meet them.



July 13, 2021