In times of lockdown, finding privacy has become a bit more of a challenge. Living and spending so much time in one space, often with work distractions, family and stress, can disrupt our ability to connect to and be intimate with ourselves. Nonetheless, it's important to find solo time amidst the chaos. So, it's time to get creative with how to get-off ... masturbation does help lower stress levels after all!

At Yinn™, we advocate for regular self-pleasure and believe we should have no shame in giving such love to ourselves. However we get that it may also be awkward to embrace this freely when others are living in such close proximity.

Here are our suggestions for how to self-pleasure when there is little privacy:


Think of preparation as part of the 'ritual' of self-pleasure and plan for how the session will go. Seek out a time when you can take space with a locked door and as many walls between you and others as possible. You may also need to consider how you can make for a quick clean up. Perhaps you can make use of time in the shower? Or time when the kids have a nap? Or time when your partner is in an online work meeting? It's time to get creative!


Be a little more aware of the sounds you make - although it's easier said than done when you're in the depths of pleasure, now may be the time when you need to be mindful of not being too loud. Be respectful of those living in close quarters with you. That being said, you may be lucky enough to live with people who are really open with their sexuality and erotic energy, and they may be cool with a moan or two every now and then!


Embrace using 'noise free' toys like The Rosie Pleasure Wand. With our discreet crystal wands, there is no need to worry about the hum of a vibrator to expose what your movements are. The natural frequency within the crystals helps to energetically bring about a higher level of consciousness and vibration to our body and deepen our relationship to body and self.


Make it into an erotic experience. See the challenges as an exciting way to shake up your routine and explore new things. Whether that be by mixing up the positions you use to adapt to a smaller space, the fantasy you create, or the arousal you build by giving yourself an intimate massage before masturbating. On the topic of massage, you can never go wrong with a self-massage with The Body Oil to ease tension and enhance intimacy.

And always remember, if you need some personal space, it’s perfectly normal to set healthy boundaries with others and request some time out – alone time will help you revitalise and de-stress!

July 27, 2021