It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life without taking much time for yourself. But this pattern can create tension, which blocks us from pleasure and connection – the best parts of life.

You can help ease this tension and create more balance in your life by learning to activate the power of “yin”. Let’s dive in!

What is Yin?

Besides being our namesake, yin is its own powerful force and theory. Yin refers to yin and yang – the opposing, yet complementary forces of nature. Although they don’t have to do with gender, yin refers to the feminine energy, while yang refers to the masculine. Anyone can tap into both of these energies, and we all carry them both within us.

Yin feels like softness, gentleness, fluidity, and intuition. Through this softness, there’s still a sense of power and presence. Think of the amount of surrender it takes to dilate in labor before giving birth. This yin force is one of the strongest examples of human power, yet the cervix needs to soften for a baby to be brought into the world vaginally. Yin is dynamic just like you!

How to Tap Into Your Yin.

Between to-do lists, errands, careers, and traffic, it’s easy to get stuck in yang energy and lose that sense of softness. All it takes is a few go-to tools that work for you to tap into your yin energy.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Intuitive movement.

Stagnant energy tends to get locked up in the body and create tension. You can help to dissolve this by giving yourself space to move fluidly and intuitively. You can do this by going for a nature walk, dancing, or even just taking a few moments for some gentle stretching.

  • Breathing exercises

Your breath is your life force, one we often get disconnected from when we’re feeling tense. Breathing exercises can not only help you tap into your yin side but can even help you have better orgasms!

Try this: Take a deep inhale through your nose filling up your chest and diaphragm, then belly, all the way to your pelvis, then exhale slowly through your mouth in the reverse order.

  • Get creative

Yin encompasses the power of creation. How can you bring more creativity into your daily life? Is there an artistic hobby you can take up or get back into? Can you bring more novelty into your conversations or the way you go about your day?

There are so many ways to get creative, do what feels natural for you.

  • Sexual pleasure

Whether it’s sex with a partner or self-pleasure, sexual pleasure is about receptivity – one of the key components of yin. Sex allows you to drop into your body, sense of intuition, and create moments of connection with yourself and your partner if you have one.

Take a deep breath and drop into yin.

August 10, 2022