Pleasure Duo

$174.00 $183.00

This pleasure bundle includes our two signature glass wands designed for internal stimulation and awakening vaginal and anal pleasure zones.

The Luna is a glass wand curated to bring a rich presence to the depths of you that long to be touched. It's 20cm length means it can gently press on your cervix and introduce you to a new depth of feeling in your heart and a world of pleasure in your body. The wand is shaped with a soft crescent-like curve to mimic the careful knowing of a lover who knows just where to hold the pressure until you can’t hold on anymore. Use its 3.6cm bulb to come home to your G-spot and let its glass coolness be your undoing.

The Aura is short and sweet, but potent! The Aura is a perfect entry-level toy for anal beginners, with the small tapered end an ideal starting point. It’s a powerful tool for anal or vaginal de-armouring and can be used to sow the seeds of pleasure whilst also gently massaging numb or avoidant areas until they soften and awaken. While The Aura can be used internally in the Yoni as a pleasure wand, gentle attention and massage to the emotion stored in the anus allows you to integrate surrender inside and outside of the bedroom.

The Luna Measurements

Centimeters: 20 length x 3.6 bulb x 1.2 slim end - 175 grams

Inches: 7.8 length x 1.4 bulb x 0.47 slim end - 6.1 ounces

The Aura Measurements

Centimeters: 14.2 length x 3.4 bulbous end x 2.7 round bulb - 130 grams

Inches: 5.5 length x 1.3 bulbous end x 1 round bulb -  4.5 ounces

*All our products are handmade, meaning variation can occur as every wand is unique.

What's Included 

The Luna and The Aura wand with our cotton/flannel branded pouch for safekeeping.