Dive ‘Under The Covers’ with Yinn and friends in our new series dedicated to exploring, honouring, and celebrating our intimate individualism. Together we discuss sexuality, self-love, culture, pleasure essentials, and so much more juicy goodness!

An Interview with Word-Weaver & Heart-Opening Facilitator Hollie Azzopardi

Hollie Azzopardi is a leading Mind, Body & Soul mentor, intuitive, model, motivational speaker, and writer. You can learn more about her work through her podcast, Soul Talk, where she sits opposite people from all walks of life - friends, clients, and strangers alike - in an attempt to de-pedestal spiritual teachings and concepts. In her spare time, Hollie loves a warm cacao with a good book, and spending time with her husband and two bulldog “babies”.

Q) What was the main message about sex and sexuality that you received growing up?

Sex wasn’t really spoken of in my family or at school, and when it was, it was shameful. This meant I had to figure things out on my own through pop culture and stories from friends and peers. My friends and I would sneakily read the book “Where Did I Come From?”, so the curiosity was always there.

From the age of 13, I was shamed for being a bigger-busted woman. I was sexualized in puberty by my own family, which caused me to carry that shame with me as a teenager and into adulthood.

Q) How did you begin to explore and establish your own beliefs around sex and sexuality?

Honestly, it wasn’t until about age recently that I dove into sexuality and what it meant to me. I began questioning things at about 28 when I was recently married to my high-school sweetheart – who is the only man I’ve ever been with sexually. After a decade together, I didn’t want our relationship to become stale.

I began to explore this part of me through kinesiology and untangling the stories and taboo beliefs I was carrying around sexuality that wasn’t mine. I began to see a sexuality coach, had a yoni de-armoring session, read “Dear Lover”, and did a lot of ecstatic dance – all the things! Somewhere along the way, I started to land in an embodied state of my own sexuality.

Q) If you had the chance, what would you tell your younger self about sex now?

That sex is a natural expression and very safe to explore. To have fun with it and allow myself to feel sexy and desirable. That there is no shame in my body, or in physically presenting as “sexy”.

Q) How important do you believe it is to embrace our sexuality?

It is a key component to a full, rich life. To embrace our sexuality is to embrace all of us. It’s to say “This is me, and I love me.” Embracing our sexuality welcomes in our full creative potential so that we can dance deeply with our fullest expression. I keep using the word FULL here - because truly when we are embodied sexually, our essence is full. Our energy sings. We are magnetic. Creative. Powerful. A force.

Q) What do self-care and self-love look like for you?

Self-care is very simple at the moment since I just had a baby. It’s very necessary right now, but I only have so much time. I make sure to eat nourishing foods, regularly see my naturopath and chiropractor, drink plenty of fluids, and move my body every day with a walk or pilates. Music is another self-care tool. On the days I’m feeling flat I try to wear a bit of makeup and do my hair – even if I’m not leaving the house)!

Q) What do you love about your body?

I love that she grew and birthed my child. I see my body in such a new light. I endured 47-hours of labour, a very intense birth, and now all sorts of postpartum challenges. I am in total awe of what she can sustain. I also love my softness - my curves, breasts, waist, and hips.


Q) What are your top 3 pleasure essentials (tools, toys, resources etc)?

A beautifully scented, natural body oil
Lip balm (kissing is big for me!)

Q) What’s an unexpected moment that brought you pleasure this week?

Sitting next to my husband on the couch and feeling him rest his hand on my leg. It sent goosebumps through my entire body - we haven’t had the chance to be intimate since birth, and the slightest touch is sending ripples through me.

Q) Favourite song to get you in the mood?

Can’t take my eyes off of you, Lauryn Hill

Q) Favourite ritual related to sex?

I love post-beach-day sex when we’ve both jumped out of the shower after a day in the sun and ocean. It’s not really a “ritual” but feels like one to me.

Q) Do you have any particular people in your life who inspire you to be a sexually empowered person?

My sister for the ways she expresses herself through clothing and aesthetics. Also my kinesiologist and friend, Zoe Bosco, for the work we have done together on this – especially around the womb and sacral chakra.

April 13, 2022