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An Interview with TV host, journalist and podcaster Lisa Hamilton

Lisa is a TV host, journalist, podcaster and former host on MTV Australia. You may have seen some of her recent work in publications such as Pop Sugar and The Latch and you can find her one of her TWO podcasts, The Baffle Club or Vacay Podcast. Lisa offers a fun, authentic and insightful take on all things from pop culture, to body image, to her experience with pregnancy.

Q) What was the main message about sex and sexuality that you received growing up?

While I grew up in a very loving home, discussions around sex and sexuality were not forthcoming. I remember being gently told about a book called ‘Where Did I Come From’ being available in the family bookshelf should I want to check it out. Of course, curiosity sparked, and I was very intrigued! But outside of that, sex was absolutely not spoken about. From there on I learned about sex and sexuality outside of the home, through speaking to friends, travelling the world and going through experiences of my own.

Q) How did you begin to explore and establish your own beliefs around sex and sexuality?

Growing up it was still a relatively taboo topic, so it wasn’t until I entered the world on my own two feet that I started to explore what sexuality meant. Growing up on a farm in Northern NSW had its limitations, so when I did a gap year in the UK my eyes were opened! I stepped into a world of unique characters, experimentation and experiences that branched a wide variety of spectrums on the sexuality totem pole.

Q) If you had the chance, what would you tell your younger self about sex now?

I would absolutely tell that young gal that you should have confidence and agency when it comes to sex and sexuality. The confidence to explain what you do or don’t like, and the confidence to walk away from a situation that doesn’t make you feel comfortable. For many years, while exploring my sexuality, I felt voiceless, and my heart breaks a little for that young woman.

Q) How important do you believe it is to embrace our sexuality?

While I don’t believe sexuality completely dictates our identity, it is a huge part of what forms the fabric of our inner core. Sexuality (your kinks, how you like to feel pleasure and who you like to engage with) shouldn’t be a point of shame. Lean into what makes you feel good in a safe and fun way, life is too short not to!

Q) What do self-care and self-love look like for you?

For me self-care and self-love is all about shutting out those voices in my head that still feed the ‘shame’ around sexuality and embrace all the things that make me feel sexy and confident. When I let go of all my hang ups and give myself over to a moment of intimacy, that’s when I know I’m taking good care of myself.

Q) What do you love about your body?

I have always loved how strong my body is, but for a long time I felt like my curves and muscles weren’t ‘sexy.’ Now, not only do I love them, I’m also so proud of how my body has led me through life. Especially now that I am pregnant with my first child (this shit is hard) and I have my beautiful, strong body to thank for getting me through the tough days!



May 11, 2022