Humans are dynamic beings. We grow, evolve, change, and get to know ourselves better and better over time. Sexuality may seem like this static thing that doesn’t change, but that’s not the case!

Just like the rest of us, our sexuality can grow and evolve. How spicy!

More Than Meets The Eye

What do you think of when I say sexuality? You probably jump straight to what gender(s) you’re attracted to, but there’s a lot more to it. Sexuality also involves how you like to experience pleasure, the ways you like to explore, and your connection with yourself and your partner(s).

There are parts of your life that contribute to your sexuality that you might not think to have anything to do with sex. How you relax in your spare time, the ways you connect with yourself and the people around you, and how you experience pleasure in the seemingly mundane parts of life all contribute to your sexuality in one way or another.

When you think of how dynamic sexuality is and how much goes into it, it makes sense that it would change as we grow and learn more about ourselves.

How to Evolve Your Sex Life

Are you feeling static in your sexuality? Do you feel like there are parts of yourself that are waiting to be tapped into?

Here are some tips on how to just that:

  • Self Pleasure: One of the best ways to explore something new is with yourself. Practices like breathwork, using a pleasure wand, and masturbation manifestation can help you explore new sides of your sexuality.
  • Make a Bucket List: What fantasies or desires keep sneaking into your subconscious? Those are all a part of your evolving sexuality. Make a list, check it twice, then we’ll see who’s naughty and nice.
  • Reflect: Think and journal about the experiences and encounters that have helped shape your sexuality up until now. This can help you see how much room you have for growth and change moving forward.
  • Have Fun: It can be stressful when you feel like you’re changing in unexpected ways, but sexuality is one of the most enjoyable parts of life. So have fun with it and let yourself in new and novel ways!

You Make Your Own Rules

There are no rules to this thing called life, including your sexuality – so you get to make your own. This is a beautiful part of you. One that can be cherished, revered, honoured, and changed.

To consciously evolve your sexuality, follow your bliss, what makes you feel lit, and what juices you up. Listen to your intuition and that gentle message that knocks on your heart’s door to explore new terrain and new levels of pleasure. Let yourself evolve and enjoy the ride!

March 28, 2022