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An interview with entrepreneur and energy healer Dheeraj M who combines spirituality with business, owning three companies at just 26.


Q) Tell us about your business journey. How were your businesses birthed, and where are they headed?

My business journey started when I was 17. I landed a job as a Manager of a Sports Supplement store I would train other up-and-coming franchise owners in sales and the effects of ingredients of the supplements, most weeks I would make $10,000+ in sales face to face looking back I didn’t realise how awesome this was, I’m 26 now and I was only a teenager. Without my knowledge, the founder of the company was more like a mentor he instilled specific knowledge like the importance of a successful routine this had carried forward for 6+ years of my life. I would wake up at 5AM workout morning and evening, sauna, meal prep, take my supplements, and sleep early I didn’t date or party. When I was 18 I bought the store It was the most interesting experience of my life feeling like I had “made it” so young. Later down the track the franchise and the multiple establishments shut down the franchiser was up to illicit activities and I got out without serious financial damage but that’s a whole other tale. 

When I was 19 I fell into Lash Extension Artistry I developed my own technique of styling which was natural and unique compared to what was available at the time. I was extremely successful at this and was booked out for 2 years and didn’t need to spend money on marketing.  I developed my own retail product line and wholesale product line for other artists, I started leaning into becoming an educator and trainer, to my clients I became more of a mindset mentor and realised I needed to lean into this. At the time I started business coaching under Raita Taia who highlighted  the importance of spiritual and emotional growth if I wanted to grow my business further. I started developing my Lash Training curriculum my Inspiration was people like Jay Shetty (Author of Think Like a Monk, speaker and podcaster) and Melanie Marris ( Who built a Brow Empire from Perth) I felt that maybe they inspired me because I was similar to them in way. Although I enjoyed my artistry my calling became deeply spiritual after Raita helped me understand that my values were more about humanity and seva (an Indian word meaning Selfless Service).

 Fast forward 2-3 years I took the time to really up-level my personal self-care, physical, spiritual and emotional healing through education, reading books, and podcasts and quite frankly being in the right place at the right time. Although this doesn’t sound directly linked to business the way In which you care for your spirit is a direct reflection of your ability to manifest and create within your business and how can you serve in business if your vessel isn’t expansive enough to give or call in what you need. My point of the story is when you reach a certain level of success spiritually your consciousness understands that “ its not just about me “ and I will never forget when I was 22 and I made this realisation.

Fast forward to today I really believe that I’m equipped enough to lean into business that stems from a deeper and higher place. Along my journey, I had found certain modalities, beliefs and rituals that have made me expansive and I have a desire to share that further. I’ve always known I would be some kind of public figure I’m not afraid of being myself on the internet and with that I plan to share what gives me joy, life and health.

I started my brand Samadhi.33, Samadhi meaning the highest form of consciousness while being bound to the physical body, 33 being a unique number in numerology meaning master teacher, within the brand I will focus on products and practices for meditation, Intimacy and Embodiment. Within my other brand Xena Energy and Beauty ( Previously Xena Lash ) I have expanded Lash and Brow Services tying in self-care, energetic healing modalities, spiritual mentoring and offers aimed at Conscious Ceos, Artists, Musicians and Light-workers the reason for this is I understood the importance of energetic hygiene and being a clear, safe, channel for others to lean into their own healing and in-site.

Q) What is your favourite physical practice and why?

I would say that I am a movement enthusiast, I’m the type of person to endeavour for a challenge and try new things. I went through a phase of running, swimming in the ocean and the occasional rock-climbing session. I deeply love Dance which I’ve been doing for 10+ years, Yoga on and off since I was 16  and Martial arts totalling around 3-4 years, Jui Jitsu and Muay Thai to be specific I can see myself practicing these skills for the rest of my life. These modalities are deeply spiritual, they require deep physical embodiment, and movement through mental resistance and in the now type of presence they challenge layers of Ego to overcome I highly recommend exploring these experiences.

Q) What activities do you recommend for expanding the love in your life?

The way I have leaned into love and opened my heart is by prioritising healthy feminine friendships, somewhere along the lines in high school most likely the friendships I had weren’t stable and loving it took sometime to heal that part of me that wanted to trust friendships and go deeper into platonic love. I have prioritised having healthy home dinners where you can relax, lounge and enter deep conversations with your friends also something physical like attending dance and yoga classes with them.

This way I can spend time with the people I love and share those intimate experiences with them that allows us to feel safe and open up in other areas of our relationship like safe communication. I truly think thats what love is, allowing yourself to be open and safe without being judged by giving that to someone else. When I opened my heart with my friends it allowed me to open my heart towards the way I treat myself. I am kinder, more empathetic and attract those kinds of people into my life who prioritise the vibration and act of love over anything else. 


Q) Do you see a connection between dance and pleasure?

As I've grown, I've really understood more than ever the importance of prioritising time for dancing for pleasure, I walk differently and glow different.  Pleasure is those moment of intimacy that you have with yourself, the moments you are so in your body that nothing else matters, time and space completely disappears, just like a meditation. One of my favourite things to experience this is playing some Arabian style slow music lighting some warm opium incense and a candle or two, listen to the music, really feel the music and see what and how my body wants to move and often I don’t even remember the experience. 

What would you tell someone who hasn’t started a business before? 

Have a runway maybe 3-6 months of funds to cover you while you’re in your building phase, triggering the flight or flight and getting overwhelmed isn’t ideal especially when taking the leap to start and continue when you hit road blocks. Research the types of services you might need to help you and account for them in your budget before starting + a rough timeline to keep you on track, again relieve the stress and pressure, focusing on ease is ideal.

You don’t have to do everything alone ask for support from your friends and family lastly figure out your WHY and WHO you are serving, are you making a difference? The world already has so many businesses that aren’t useful or actually helping your mental, spiritual or physical health. We need more business that actually give a F about humanity.

Q) How important do you believe it is to embrace our sexuality? 

Embracing my sexuality is more like embracing my confidence. My inner sexuality pours out into my outer world, my smile my glow, the peace that sits in my heart, the eros that surrounds my day to day life. Embracing my sexuality is like embracing the essence of who I am, its a trust and a knowing people feel it and notice that little something about you.  I keep my sexuality and my desires to myself though its like a ball of energy you hold onto that is cultivated and nurtured.

Q) What do self-care and self-love look like for you?  

In my world self care and self love is more energetic. I love understanding the nuances of this in my own life. My selfcare looks like, oiling my hair and skin, going for a walk and bathing in the sun and having an icy shower after my skin is tan and crisp from the sun. Self love is prioritising the things that give me life and energy.

Q) What do you love about your body?

These days I’m really falling for my breasts, hips and thighs. I've always been quite athletic looking from high intensity workouts but recently I've been focusing on low intensity movement like yoga and walking so naturally my figure is softer and squishy. Most of my clothes don’t fit now because I have huge breasts that get in the way, it's hilarious they have just appeared after years of being “lean” but I’m embracing my soft girl era, letting myself be softer physically has allowed me love my body in a new way.

Q) What are your top 3 pleasure essentials?

LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. Firstly! Switching to crystal pleasure toys instead of silicone has dramatically changed the relationship I have with myself and my partner and implementing slow Tantra touch, less is more here. Secondly, I have also learned about de armouring from a book called orgasm I bought at Yoni Pleasure Palace recommended by my Divine friend Erica who is a womb hara practitioner. Thirdly, alone time with a candle, blue lotus tea from Samadhi 33, Opium Indian incense burning a glowing candle and lots of coconut oil. My ritual is to oil my hair, skin and incorporate some deep stretches with a slow Arabian playlist, this is a whole experience!


Q) What’s an unexpected moment that brought you pleasure this week? 

I recently moved to the Perth hills there are so many luscious earthy scents and the air is so clean. I took the time to stop and smell the flowers whilst on my morning walk the eros between me and those flowers was intense. I find so much pleasure in observing and appreciating nature it's such a turn-on for me.

Q) Favourite song to get you in the mood?

I don’t have a particular song but I would say samba music, it immediately activates my hips and heart. UGH just thinking about slow sensual movements to a samba beat gives me goosebumps I’m at a cafe writing this wishing I wasn’t in public right now!

Q) Do you have any particular people in your life who inspire you to be a sexually empowered person?

I have been extremely inspired by my girlfriends by hearing their stories of womanhood, dating, womb healing, sex etc and I love them for it. They inspire me to keep leaning into my own power and constantly throw wood on my fire. However my main inspiration has been my inner guidance, It has always led me to what I’ve needed to deeply love myself sexually, physiologically it takes work to maintain positive mental self-talk through repetition.  I truly look at myself as the biggest inspiration knowing my journey of healing and opening.

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- Y x

October 17, 2023