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An interview with Period Coach, Author and Speaker Claire Baker


For nearly a decade Claire has taught thousands of women how to live in harmony with their menstrual cycle, rather than working against it. With a background in visual arts and creative business, Claire is a certified health and life coach, has studied Menstruality Leadership and is a trained natural fertility teacher.

In 2019, she founded ‘Cycle Coach School,’ a facilitator training for professionals desiring to incorporate menstrual cycle awareness into their own practice. Originally from Australia, Claire now lives in sunny East London and spends her days coaching, teaching, writing, dancing and being as close to trees as she possibly can. You can find more information about Claire’s work via her Instagram.

Q) What was the main message about sex and sexuality that you received growing up?

I was lucky enough to grow up in a fairly sex-positive household. My parents were open with us about sex, the contraception they used (condoms in the groceries!) and were often nude around us. Where I got stuck was in the church, which I was quite active in as a teen. While Christianity has some beautiful teachings, there is a lot left to be desired when it comes to sex. I definitely absorbed some super unhealthy beliefs around purity, virginity, self-pleasure and having sex outside of marriage. This took a lot time to unravel.

Q) How did you begin to explore and establish your own beliefs around sex and sexuality?

I always felt like a bit of a weirdo because I have always been quite happy to talk about sex, whereas many of my friends in my teens and early 20’s weren’t so much. So, Period Plus, I read a lot of books and had a lot of yummy adventures!

Q) If you had the chance, what would you tell your younger self about sex now?

To be mindful of who you share it with; but to let this come from a place of love and respect, rather than from a place of shame. Sex is powerful and I think I was dismissive of that then I was younger. For me, I’ve learned that empowered sexuality is not about fucking anyone and everyone, but that also doesn’t make me a prude or afraid. Learning to hold the power of my sexuality within my own body and to feel safe with its healthy expression has been the key.
At the same time, I’d also probably tell her to keep up the kink explorations and explore that desire to be with women as well as men! It’s both, isn’t it? Explore and play, but learn how to do it with full body consent.

Q) How important do you believe it is to embrace our sexuality?

Our sexuality is a beautiful part of the tapestry that makes us who we are. It’s a portal to explore our desires, pleasure, sensuality, voice, connections, limits, mischief making and capacity for love. Sex is connected to so much of the joys that life has to offer. I believe that compartmentalising it, shaming it or resisting it, will ultimately hold us back from embracing our full spectrum selves.

Q) What do self-care and self-love look like for you?

Listening to my body, gentleness, spaciousness, kindness, and a commitment to my own freedom. More specifically, the boring basics! Like lots of water, walking, sleep, sex, high quality food, doing work I love, living in alignment with my menstrual cycle, resting when I’m bleeding, as well as a regular blow dry, a weekly sauna, getting my nails done and having great brows.

Q) What do you love about your body?

That it’s the best vessel ever to experience the world! It’s so resilient, so forgiving, so open to pleasure and new things, and I really like my arse.

Q) What are your top 3 pleasure essentials (tools, toys, resources etc)?

I am obsessed with Yinn’s new lubricant, the oil-based one. Being well rested is essential for me to feel sexy. Oh and ‘Dear Lover’ by David Deida is an absolute go-to book.

Q) What’s an unexpected moment that brought you pleasure this week?

The most luscious patch of grass in the Spring sunshine yesterday!

Q) Favourite song to get you in the mood?

Anything by FKA Twigs or off the Magic Mike soundtrack (laughs).

Q) Favourite ritual related to sex?

Honestly, a good cuddle afterwards.

Q) Do you have any particular people in your life who inspire you to be a sexually empowered person?

About seven years ago I worked with Susana Frioni which was a transformative experience. More recently, Shaney Marie was a powerful mentor in my life. My friend Rosie Rees’ nude yoga workshops guided much healing for me many years ago. Oh and of course, our beloved Juliet. Such a grounded energy and shining light in these realms!


June 08, 2022