At Yinn, we aspire to live authentically, connecting with each aspect of ourselves and giving our bodies the best.

Question: When was the last time you connected with your menstrual cycle?

Rather than pushing through your bleed or resenting it for interrupting your 'hustle,' did you know you can choose to nourish, move and pleasure according to your cycle?

Cyclical living means living with natural cycles like the seasons, the moon cycle, and your menstrual cycle. Living cyclically could be your key to better mental and physical health, more energy, happiness, productivity, and growth.

Before we dive into the four seasons, it’s important to acknowelge your hormone levels are slightly different every day of your cycle. Take note of what stage you are currently at and how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally.

Remember, if you are a vulva owner, you will only feel this way twelve times a year compared to penis owners’ hormone which cycle every 24 hours.

Everyone’s cycle is unique but we will be working with the average 28 day cycle in this article. If you are experiencing irregular periods, spotting, painful cramping or any intense period symptoms, please seek a professional.

Yinn’s Guide To Cyclical Living 

Inner Winter / Menstruation - Day 1-5 

Inner Winter starts from the first day of your bleed, blood magic or red moon day. It’s a time to turn inward, reflect and get in touch with your intuition. All hormones are at ground zero, so feeling depleted and helpless is normal. Wear something warm, get cozy and nurture yourself; this is the yin stage of your cycle.

Move - Honour this time of rest by avoiding intense movement and ab workouts. Relax and open your womb space with breathwork, walks in nature and yin yoga.

Nourish - Now is the time for warm and nourishing homemade meals. Restore your iron levels with red meat, dark chocolate and lentils, remembering to pair it with Vitamin C to assist absorption. Stay hydrated to help with any bloating and headaches, and avoid inflammatory foods like excess caffeine and sugar. We love cups of Sacred Earth Cacao with local honey and coconut milk.

Pleasure - Embrace period sex, free bleed in period underwear or a Splash Blanket and bring self-love to your practice with The Hera rose quartz pleasure wand.

Pictured: Moon Blood Splash Blanket

Inner Spring / Follicular Phase - Day 6-14

As estrogen levels rise and you move closer to ovulation, you will energetically feel like the sun is out and want to play. It’s a naturally creative and confident season making it the perfect time to try a new hobby. You might notice more egg white discharge as you move closer to ovulation and the yang half of your cycle.

Move - Try that pole class, get back into pilates, go for a run and embrace the rising energy you will feel post menstruation.

Nourish - Enjoy plenty of complex carbohydrates like grains and fruit, lean protein, and lessen alcohol consumption as estrogen levels are high.

Pleasure - Your adventurous side will come out, so why not explore something new, like anal play? The Aura and Oil Based Lubricant is a great start.

Inner Summer / Ovulation Window - Day 15-17

Say hello to high vibe energy and an open heart space. As luteinizing hormone causes the egg to release, you will experience naturally higher energy levels, sex drive and creativity. Estrogen is at its highest point, and progesterone and testosterone are on the rise so this is a time to embrace your divine feminine and radiance. Dance around the house naked, plan intimate catch ups with girlfriends and connect with family. This is your time to do big things.

Move - Get hot and sweaty, hit PBs at the gym, try a HIIT class or go for a power cycle.

Nourish - Digestion is at peak strength so choose smoothies, fresh fruit, and whole foods. Enjoy salmon, nuts and other foods high in fatty acids as well as antixodiant-rich foods like dark chocolate and berries. It’s also a great time to get adventurous with your food and cook something exotic.

Pleasure - Bring energy to your pleasure practice, put on lingerie or a comfortable tee and dance around the house, watch yourself move in the mirror and try some new sex positions by yourself or with a lover. 

Inner Autumn /  The Luteal Phase - Day 18-28

Inner Autum is the most extended season, with the most significant hormonal shifts. Progesterone is a feel good, calming hormone in charge of supporting pregnancy and it begins to rise during this time. Estrogen is lower so this is when you’ll likely experience PMS symptoms like bloating, mood swings, and fatigue.

The released egg travels from the ovary to the uterus through the fallopian tubes. If it’s not fertilised, your uterine lining will start to shed. You will likely crave things in your life, whether it’s food, affection or materials so be sure to nurture and support yourself. Schedule activities that uplift like journaling, reading, a hot soak with The Body Oil or cuddles with a pet or lover.

Nourish - Fuel your body with nurturing, roast style food high in Vitamin C, B6 and fibre. Higher progesterone levels can result in constipation so increase seeds, legumes and vegetables.

Move - Think long and strong movements like hikes, bike rides and vinyasa yoga. Energy may be low but it’s important to move when you can so you can enjoy the rest of the Winter season. Breathwork can be a great way to manage the fluctuating hormones and mood swings.

Pleasure - As you start the decent to menstruation, this is a great time to wear your White Jade Yoni Egg. White Jade enhances the energy of love and life within and it can be worn actively or passively before (not during) your bleed.

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- Y x

July 12, 2023