It’s the last week of our Masturbation May series, and we’re excited to discuss the art of edging.

So what is edging?

Also known as surfing, peaking, and teasing, edging is when you’re sexually stimulated, then stop just before the cusp of climax. These stimulation cycles can lead to more intense, longer orgasms and can be practised solo or with a partner, no matter your gender or sexual orientation.

Better orgasms are always a win, but edging has many other benefits.

Potential benefits
1. More intense orgasms

2. Increases duration of sex

3. Assists with premature ejaculation

4. Easier to climax

5. Increased sensation and receptivity

6. Helps you control your climax

7. Allows you to explore what feels good

8. Can lead to multiple orgasms

The practice of edging isn’t new. The ‘stop-start method’ was first published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 1956 to help people last longer before orgasm.

On average, women’s orgasms last up to 20 seconds, while men’s are just over three seconds. Perhaps unsurpisngly, women will have one orgasm for every three men experience. Let’s level the playing field ladies. It's time to prioritise your sexual self-exploration and practice edging.

Our Guide To Edging Solo

1. Set the mood right

To experience orgasmic sex with yourself, it’s important to be relaxed and ready to rest, receive and surrender. Apply The Body Oil mindfully to your body, light a candle, put on your favourite playlist, lock the door and do whatever you need to make yourself feel safe.

2. Turn yourself on

Close your eyes or watch yourself in the mirror. Take it slow and start touching yourself, allowing your body and mind to get excited and the blood to rush to your erogenous zones.

3. Stimulation

Stimulate using the Lubricant and a Pleasure Wand of choice. We reccomend the loving energy of The Hera, the curved shape of The Luna or The Aura for anal play. It’s important to tune into your body to learn how to stop yourself from orgasm. It’s not always easy, so be gentle and remember it’s trial and error.

4. Work the edge

When you feel your body approaching the edge of no return, slow down, move your hands or wand away briefly and breathe deeply. The more you practice edging, the more you’ll know how long a break you need before starting the cycle again. We recommend 30 seconds as a rough guide.

5. Build arousal again

When you’re ready, return to your pleasure practice and notice how you feel. Are you tenser or more relaxed? Shakier or sweatier? Repeat steps 3-5 a few times until you’re ready to release.

6. Climax

Allow yourself to let it all go and orgasm. Move intuitively, use your voice, and express your emotions. Be wary of waiting too long to orgasm, as this can lead to the orgasm ‘fading.' 

7. Reflect

Did you enjoy the experience of edging? Would you practice it again? What can you do to enhance your practice next time?

Remember, masturbating and self-exploration is a great indicator of a satisfying sex life. A 2014 study of 96 women found that those who masturbate are more likely to reach orgasm, knowing what they like in the bedroom and experiencing less performance anxiety.

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May 31, 2023