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Money is a form of energy.

It’s a way of making exchanges, creating opportunities, and creating abundance in your life.

Although money can be frowned upon in many “spiritual communities”, it’s not bad in itself.

How’s your bank account doing? Do you have big goals you want to achieve? Holidays you want to go on? Educational opportunities you want to pursue?

Money is the key to all these locks. Or at least it helps get the door open.

You understand the importance of money, but are you wondering how to create more?

Harness Your Sexual Power

Another form of energy is your sexual energy.

The prowess and power that lights you up, and gives you that extra glow and pep in your step.

You can use this potent sexual energy to help create more abundance in your life.

Abundance doesn’t just mean money. It means community, creativity, opportunities, and feeling all around excited about life.

Of course, it can also mean cold hard cash.

Just how do you do this?

Let’s explore.

Set The Intention

Setting an intention is like dropping a pin so that your energy knows where to go.

This creates focus and clarity around what exactly you’re trying to manifest.

Do this before you start your self-love session.

You can say it in your head, out loud, or journal it. We encourage writing it down for extra oomph.

Don’t be afraid to get specific. In fact, it’s encouraged.
Do you want to get out of debt?
Do you want a new high-paying client?
Are you planning on asking for a raise?

What are your goals?

After setting your intention, imagine what this feels like in your body once you already achieve these goals. What kind of energy are you experiencing? You can use visualisation to see what this looks like for you.

This will come in handy later.

Drop In

Once you set the intention, it’s time to drop in.

You can set the space by tidying up and lighting candles to create more of a container for your practice.

Take your time as you start to touch yourself. Notice the intensity of this energy, and see how you can move it around. Letting it ebb and flow. Increase and decrease.

Allow yourself to be present in your body.

As things start to pick up, start tapping into that feeling you found earlier. What it feels like to achieve your financial goals.

At that peak point of arousal, right before orgasm, visualize your goals. Imagine you are already living them. These things are already in your hands. Just like your pleasure is in your hands.

Let that feeling envelop you as you go over the edge.

Take your time as you come back into your space and into your body.

Ready, Camera, Action!

Keep in mind, no matter how many manifestation practices you do, money probably isn’t going to come out of thin air. Manifestation comes from the balance of spiritual work and tangible action steps.

What are you going to do with your money manifestation practice?

Start a side hustle?
Ask for a raise?
Make some investments?

You decide and enjoy the ride while you’re at it.

An orgasm is one of the most intense experiences a human can have. When you start to use this energy to create and manifest things you’ve dreamed of, you realize just how much power you have.

You can use this practice for other things too. Whether that’s buying a new home, finding a new partner, or another more personal goal.

Rest. Receive. Surrender.