Non-sexual physical contact is what increases the feeling of safety and security within a relationship, it builds trust and connection. When you have these foundations set within a relationship, it opens the lines of communication, reduces friction and tension within a relationship and increases desire for your significant other.


When you don’t feel inherently safe within your relationship, your libido takes a dive.

Simple physical gestures can change your relationships stability.

Here are some things that you can do.

  • Holding hands

  • Open mouth kissing

  • Holding your hand on your partners back when passing by or walking with them

  • Spooning and cuddling to sleep or before sleep

  • Massage

  • Gentle stroking of their leg or arm when relaxed at home or in social environments.

  • Placing your hand on your partners lap in the car. 

    Physical contact shouldn’t be only for the purpose of arousal.
    But in making your contact non-sexual, it naturally increases desire within both partners. You start to crave one another's touch.
    This is the biggest thing that we can recommend for a relationship that feels like it’s run out of steam. 

    Touch each other without the expectation of sex.

    Let’s talk about massage specifically because there are so many benefits to this act of service for your loved one.

    1. Massage stimulates the lymphatic system which improves overall health & wellbeing through detoxification.

    2. Reduces stress and increases relaxation

    3. Reduces pain and muscle tension

    4. Improves circulation, energy and alertness

    5. Releases oxytocin which is the love hormone

    6. Increases levels of dopamine and serotonin

      There is so much more to a massage than sore muscles and the hopes that it may lead to nookie.
      Gifting your partner a massage without expectation is deeply nourishing for the relationship.
      And this being returned regularly is also just as important. A simple foot rub on the lounge, a shoulder massage when standing in the kitchen or a dedicated massage session is going to encourage connection. 

      How to give a great massage: 

      1. Use a beautiful body oil to ensure your movements are smooth and relaxing. You can get our Body Oil Here

      2. Even pressure - this isn't about getting in there and solving their back problems. Focus more on relaxation vs. deep tissue.

      3. Long smooth strokes (this is called effleurage) rather than small circular motions. This warms the muscles up, increases circulation and activates the lymphatic system.


          How regularly do you and your partner engage in non-sexual physical contact?

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          - Y

          December 08, 2022