For women trying to conceive

Female Fertility Formula

120 mL
$51.75 $69.00
These carefully selected herbs dramatically enhance fertility - preparing the body for conception by optimising fertility hormones, improving the uterine lining and enhancing blood flow to reproductive organs.

In clinical trials, these herbs consistently improve pregnancy rates and birth outcomes; women who take them regularly tend to have healthier hormones and more fertile years.

This formula also contains Muira Puama, an aphrodisiac, to keep babymaking sexy.

Organic shitavari, maca, black cohosh, red raspberry leaf, lady's mantle, muira puama, rose and raw honey.


Take 4ml (1 standard teaspoon) once daily or divide it into two doses. It can be taken morning or night, with or without food, on the tongue or in any beverage. This 4oz bottle will last 30 days with daily dosage and we recommend working with the formula for a few months to truly reap its benefits


How do I take the tinctures?

Tinctures are typically taken in 3-4ml. doses. Sometimes this is in a single dose, in the hours before sex, like with the formulas #12 and #19, but others you take in daily doses, like #24, the hormone balance formula, and #16.

How often should I take the tincture for best results?

It is best to take them at least weekly, as they tend to build in the system overtime. But some formulas efficacy is contingent on regular, daily doses - like #24 for male virility, or the female fertility formula - and when working with these I suggest people give them a full 6 weeks to really assess their benefit.

Do you make cruelty-free, and vegan herbal tinctures?

I certainly do. I also only use organic, medicinal grade herbs sourced from companies with international quality control standards.

Do they have a taste?

They certainly do. The formulas taste medicinal, yes, but they also taste earthy, woody, nutty and a bit sweet,

How do you ensure the potency and purity of your products?

I source my herbs carefully, and I tincture everything at careful ratios, so they’re really concentrated, potent extracts while still being at a safe dose.

Are there any side effects? Will they affect any medications I may be taking?

The only formula that is important to be careful with is #19. This is clearly stated on the bottle as well, but this is because it contains a strong dose of yohimbe. Yohimbe is a potent male aphrodisiac and performance enhancer, but it can’t be used when there’s any incidence of heart disease or high blood pressure, or in patients where there is use of heart or blood pressure medication of any kind, or MAOIs.

Are there any common allergens in your products?

There are nuts in formula #19 and #12.

Can I take any of these if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

#16 and hormone balance are perfectly safe while breastfeeding.

Where are these products formulated?

Everything is made and formulated in our home studio.

Are your herbs organically sourced or harvested?

The herbs I source are 80% organically farmed to be used as medicine. The other 20% are carefully organically wild-crafted and harvested, where applicable.

Can I take multiple tinctures at the same time?

You can absolutely blend an everyday formula with one that you take just in the hours before sex for a heightened experience.

Which of your tinctures contain alcohol, and why?

Tinctures are by definition alcohol extracts. All formulas aside from #24, are tinctured herbal formulas.