White Jade Pleasure Wand

The Luna | White Jade Edition


Peace and pleasure dance in perfect harmony.

The crescent-shaped Luna wand you know and love is now available in luminous White Jade. A stone of peace and harmony, white jade increases insight and intuition and protects against negative energies and thoughts.

Use The Luna's 20cm length to gently press on your cervix and introduce you to a new depth of feeling in your heart and a world of pleasure in your body. Let the 3.6cm bulb help you come home to your body and its coolness be your undoing. The 1.2cm slim point can be used to make love to the most nuanced places in your body, like the G-zone, A-spot, and P-spot, while the round end is designed to reach and press love into the zones of pleasure-filled nerve endings that build momentum. 

The wand is shaped to mimic the careful knowing of a lover who knows just where to hold the tension until you can’t hold on anymore. The White Jade Luna will take you to places in yourself that you’ve never been but always ached to go.


Centimeters: 20 length x 3.6 bulb x 1.2 slim end - 270 grams

Inches: 7.8 length x 1.4 bulb x 0.47 slim end - 9.52 ounces

*All our products are handmade, meaning variation can occur as every wand is unique.

What's included

The Luna wand with our cotton/flannel branded pouch for safekeeping.


Created with love from 100% pure, body-safe white jade sourced from Yunnan province, China.

White Jade

A stone of peace and harmony, white jade increases insight and intuition and protects against negative energies and thoughts.

New to pleasuring with a crystal?

White jade is a beautiful and calming stone to start your journey. It has a calming and soothing effect on the mind and body, promoting peace, harmony, and tranquillity.

It is often used in meditation practices and is thought to help individuals achieve greater awareness and spiritual awakening.

White jade fosters a sense of balance and unity among the mind, body, and spirit while promoting the healing and opening of the heart chakra.

It is also believed to attract prosperity and abundance to all aspects of one’s life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Visually stunning and sensory stimulating

I fell in love with this crystal pleasure wand as soon as I unwrapped it. The subtle patterns buried in the white crystal lend it depth and softness. The matte texture begs you to touch and stroke it.
It’s calming and relaxing just to hold.
Using this stunning creation internally. The curve is perfection. It cradles against all the right spots and at the perfect angle. For those that are not size queens the slim end is perfect for sliding in and massaging all the right spots.
Perfect if you’re not into bumps and prefer a smooth ride or perfect for those times when you’re a bit tender and need a gentler touch.
Very highly recommend this pleasure wand.

Great wand

Beautiful stone and gorgeous energy. The shape is versatile.