Pleasure Pouch


Never leave the house without your Yinn Pleasure Pouch.

Why you'll love it:
Plush fabric
Adaptable size
Vegan satin interior
Magnets for convenient closure
Sleek gold-coated weighted zipper
Embroidered logo & elegant look

This pouch is expertly crafted to provide a secure storage solution for all your self-care tools. Whether it's a glass or crystal wand, gua sha, lubricant, or any combination thereof, its adaptable size, plush fabric, and vegan satin interior promise a snug fit and elegant look.

Adorned with our logo on the front and featuring our signature "It's Our Pleasure" slogan upon opening, this handmade diamond embroidery pouch boasts a sleek gold-coated weighted zipper for effortless use.

Equipped with magnets for convenient closure, this pouch isn't just perfect for bedside display—it's also an excellent companion for brunch, a night out, or travel as a versatile makeup bag.


  • 28cm long extended 
  • 15.3cm long closed
  • 24.5cm wide
  • 55mm zip