There is an unwarranted veil of shame around lube - if you need it, you’re dry and dusty down there… Or your partner isn’t good enough to get you going.

Or it’s for the back door *Ooop don’t go there*

When you go to the supermarket and grab the first lube you see - because you clearly don’t want to be seen lingering around the lube aisle - what would people think!? OMG that person has sex! Appalling!

Come on! We are in 2022, everyone is having sex and it should be celebrated! (But of course you can expect to hear that from us)

The supermarket lubes are packed full of ingredients you can’t pronounce and they are either water based or silicone based… Fine, except the water based ones dry up so fast that it suddenly feels like sandpaper and the silicone ones feel so artificial that it takes a week to properly wash off and surely that can’t be good for you?!

So we need to change the conversation around lube and talk about WHY LUBE MATTERS. 

1. Less Friction

This is an obvious benefit to lube - but it eliminates friction which is what we want - less friction, more glide, makes for an easier - smoother - orgasm.
Have you ever experienced that friction and resistance during intercourse and had simultaneous thoughts of “this feels sooooo good” and “oh God, please stop”.
Whether you’re naturally quite a juicy lover or not - using lube in the bedroom should be essential.

Depending on different times of the month for a woman, our natural juiciness can change, sometimes it’s more slippery, other times it’s more watery and so while wet is wet, it doesn’t always mean it’s not creating discomfort.


2. Better Foreplay

Lube makes for baddass handjobs! Men don’t like friction either, and while there is movement in the skin on an uncircumcised penis, there’s something so erotic and sexy about worshiping the penis without it just being a means end.

Foreplay is so important, if you’re only touching him in order for him to get an erection so you can engage in penetrative sex then it’s not going to be a fulfilling endeavour for either of you.

The same goes for same sex relationships! Slippery foreplay is where it's at!

3. More lube = More sex!

Yep, you heard it here first!
When you have lube handy, especially a new bottle of Yinn, you’ll want to have more sex. Just like a new pair of sneakers make you want to pound the pavement, a new bottle of lube will take you and your partner to pound town more frequently!

Because you’ll use it once and go ooohhhhhh yeahhhh and wanna do it again and again. It will be a slippery, steamy room of worship in no time at all (hello reigniting that fire in a long term relationship!)

When you use lube, you FEEL more - not less!
When you’re not using lube, if you aren’t 100% naturally lubricated, you spend the majority of your experience feeling this tugging sensation (or razor blades), or roughness that isn’t pleasant, it takes away from the things that DO feel good and slows down your ability to climax, taking you away from being present in the moment.

When you’re slippery and everything is humming along smoothly, you can feel and ENJOY every stroke, every motion, every caress.

Have you ever had your clit fondled with dry fingers? *shudders*

Lube isn’t for the dry and dusty.
Lube is for those who want to truly enjoy their love making, have wild orgasms both internally and externally, want a deeper connection with their partners and juicy memories to keep them going until the next time.


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September 30, 2022