By Mikaela Knight

Pleasure is personal.

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Five Reasons To Self-Pleasure On Your Bleed

1. Heightened Senses

Menstruation is the perfect time to connect with your cycle, the moon and your libido. We love the beautiful Moonstruation Calenders from @sallyjanedouglas.

During menstruation, you are more susceptible to physical and emotional pain. This is why it’s so important to nourish yourself through self-pleasure.

Take time to slow down, connect and gently massage parts of your body aching for attention. Watch the magic happen.

2. Reduces Anxiety

In the lead-up to your bleed, everything from butterflies in your stomach to crippling worries can stop you from living a full life. This is due to fluctuations in hormones and differences in brain chemistry. When we have an orgasm, we instantly boost our mood and reduce our stress - go figure.

3. Better Sleep

During menstruation, the hormone regulating sleep (melatonin) decreases which can mess with our REM sleep.

What better way to practice healthy sleep hygiene AND relieve anxiety than a juicy self-care sesh? 

Take time to set the space, dim the lights, and turn on some music - Check out our Spotify playlists.

4. Pain Relief

Rather than reaching for the ibuprofen or paracetamol which can harm your gut microbiome, why not reach for a pleasure wand?

Sensual touch and pleasure can reduce pain.

Hot tip: We love applying The Body Oil to tender tummies

5. It’s Just Fun!

Our bodies are incredible.

Celebrate the ebbs and flows. Let go and let it flow.

Ready to try a pleasure wand meditation? Check out The Aura Ritual To Release Emotions And Old Energy.

Y x

June 10, 2024