Vulva owners! We go through ebbs and flows, right?
Our external environment massively contributes to our internal environment and our hormonal shifts and changes through our lives can have a huge impact on whether or not we feel like a goddex or turned on.


Some things that can contribute to reduced desire & libido:

  • Stress and long work hours

  • Pregnancy and postpartum hormonal shifts

  • Menopause (lower amounts of oestrogen)

  • Low self esteem

  • Relationship problems

  • Drugs & alcohol

  • Medication

  • Mental health

  • Contraception


One of the questions we ask our Under The Covers guests is what they learned about sex growing up and the general consensus is that it’s shameful.

So it can be really difficult for vulva owners to step into their empowered sexual selves during their prime without feeling a myriad of negative things about themselves.

At Yinn, we are so passionate about people embracing their sexual prowess and in this article we want to share with you:


4 Ways to Awaken Your Sexual Energy for Vulva Owners.


1. Spend as much time naked as possible.

Doing the housework, washing the dishes, air drying after a shower. Spending time naked helps you to feel empowered, it helps you to feel more connected to your body, your breasts, your yoni, your skin.
Going outside and placing your feet on the earth when completely naked and feeling that grounding energy rise up through your feet and int your genitals is an indescribable experience... as in, you should try it for yourself!

Nude Yoga, Naked Dancing. These are two beautiful ways for you to embrace your body, loosen up and connect deeply to what feels good for you. Swaying, gyrating your hips, running your hands up and down your body.

Check out this link to see if there is a Nude Yoga Workshop near you!

Being naked is deeply liberating. It's freeing and energising.


2. Ditch the knickers. (Go underwear free!)

Sleeping without underwear on is one way to feel more sexually alive. It feels naughty and yet, it’s completely safe. It allows your genitals to breathe when they are typically caged up 24 hours a day (other than when we are in the shower).

Wearing a dress or skirt is a great opportunity for you to not wear underwear and not have to worry about friction from the crotch of pants.

3. Massage and self pleasure.

Touching yourself, loving and nourishing your body with our beautiful, rich body oil. Indulging in a self pleasure practice with a glass or crystal wand. Allowing yourself to feel your body deeply. Slow, sensual pleasure is a powerful way to amplify your sexual energy, heighten your orgasmic experience and explore new pleasure zones that aren't usually prioritised.

4. Wearing a Yoni Egg.

Wearing a yoni egg for around 30 minutes a day increases natural vaginal lubrication, makes you feel more orgasmic and turned on and allows you to regain sensation in and around your yoni.
Check out some Yoni Eggs Here.


It may come as a surprise that this list isn’t about having sex but rather activating your own innate magnetism.

This is not about what you wear, how much you weigh, how many people you have had sex with, but fully embracing your sexual energy. Activating this sexual energy within you helps you to feel more confident, more sure of yourself, radiant, empowered, bold.

Do you feel this is something you could do more of in your life?

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December 30, 2022