A sexy smile, good hands, a delicious body— there's no denying, your partner has what it takes to get you turned on. But there's one more thing that can seriously up your odds of climaxing.

Lubricant can make every aspect of sex more satisfying.

A little lube goes a long way, every touch and thrust will feel smoother and more pleasurable, enabling that steady rhythmic build to occur which leads to a full body, leg-shaking, back-arching orgasm…. Vs a genital sneeze that feels good but doesn’t exactly leave you reeling, panting, wiped out and energised all at the same time.  

In an ideal world, your body would provide enough natural lubricant to keep you slick from the moment your partner hints that sex is on the table, right down to the final moment of your love making extravaganza. But it’s just not realistic.

It’s a total myth (and a damaging one) that if a vulva owner is aroused enough, they’ll get really wet and stay that way. But the reality is, you can be turned on and either not get wet enough or even experience desertlike conditions down south.

Basic things like medications or being slightly dehydrated can prevent you from getting moist (more on this later). Or your body may simply not be able to produce the juice fast enough to keep up with the action. And if you're not wet enough, penetration will start to feel less like “Ooohhh yeah baby” and more like “Oh god please stop”.

Adequate lubrication allows for a steady and building rhythm which is oftentimes needed for a person to climax. Inadequate lubrication can make sex a bit erratic and inconsistent leading to that so close moment… ah ah ahhhh eh, lost it. So then our minds go into overdrive trying to think things up to get us going again, ultimately taking us away from our body and being present with our partner - leading to disconnection.

If this is a common occurrence in the bedroom, please for the love of sex, get some lube!

Not being present and in your body during sex leads to disconnection, feeling disconnected from your partner naturally leads to less sex and every time you are getting cozy with your honey, you’re so in your head that you start thinking about what you need to get at the supermarket in the morning…

It’s a self perpetuating cycle which can contribute to relationship breakdowns (could lube save your relationship? Big call - let’s go there in another article).

When you are feeling deeply connected to your body and your partner, completely present in every stroke, caress and movement, multiple orgasms are on the table for you. Earth shattering orgasms. You know, the ones you hear about from Samantha on SATC.

Lube creates that experience for you.

Lube creates new experiences for you, new sensations.

1. Nipples

Lube on your nipples while they are being tweaked is a whole different experience to dry fondling. Our nipples and clitoris are closely linked and for some people a dry touch can be uncomfortable. Adding lubricant can be highly erotic and stimulating.

2. G-Spot

Lube provides smoother, rhythmic stimulation on the g-spot can lead to brain scrambling orgasms and even squirting.
The g-spot orgasm seems elusive to many because we have this misconception that the g-spot is exactly that, a spot, when in fact it's an area - a surface. And you can explore that area yourself so you can understand what angles will support you to reach a climax in this area.
The g-spot area is characterised by a rough, bumpy and firmer surface within the vagina and on the front side in the direction of the belly button.
Explore this area in your self pleasure practice so you can guide a partner on this experience.
Did you know that we have a Squirt School? You can learn more about that HEREAnd if you want to avoid wet patches, our SPLASH BLANKET is the best of the best.

3. Anal Play

Lube is absolutely necessary for anal play and anal massage, even if you’re not ready for actual penetration, massaging the anus and perineum is bound to give you a heightened sexual experience. Anal play and anal massage with your partner is also a beautiful trust building and bonding experience to eventually lead you to anal penetration. There is no rush and the stimulation heightens any other orgasm you're experiencing.

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October 14, 2022