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When it comes to sexual pleasure, there is so much more than meets the eye. Learning how to explore these pleasure points and erogenous zones can open you up to unparalleled levels of satisfaction.

One area to explore is reflexology points…in your erogenous zones. You may have heard of reflexology. A form of bodywork rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine that involves applying pressure to specific points in the hands and feet that bring healing to the corresponding organs linked to those points.

The reflexology points in your body fall along “meridian lines”, which are energetic lines throughout the body, with points along it that link to specific systems or organs in the body. When these points are stimulated, it releases stagnant “Qi” or energy. If you’ve ever had acupuncture, this is the same theory.

Pleasure Points

Your hands and feet aren’t the only places with reflexology points, there are also ones in your sex centres. In Chinese medicine, your organs aren’t just physical systems. They also govern specific emotions that can be released and tapped into when stimulated.

The points in the vagina and penis are meant to correspond when connected, but this can be explored no matter who you like to have sex with. You don’t need a partner either, this is a practice that can be explored through self-pleasure.

Let’s explore those pleasure points:

The first point is on the G-spot, which is a couple of inches into your vagina on the front wall. This links to the kidney and adrenal glands which can carry fear, shame, and guilt. When stimulated, this point can bring on feelings of calmness, peace, and boldness. The Juliet Pleasure Wand is perfect for stimulating this point, thanks to its curved shape.

Just past that is the liver point which holds anger and resentment. Stimulating this point through a steady rhythm of penetration invites optimism and rejuvenation.

Further up is the spleen and pancreas point which holds stress and worry. If you want to feel more open, grounded, and connected try the lotus sex position by facing your partner with you both sitting up, sitting in their lap with your legs wrapped around each other.

Right below the cervix is the A-spot which corresponds to the lungs which hold sadness and grief. Doggy style or similar positions to stimulate this point help encourage confidence and self-love.

All the way up the vagina lies the cervix often called the “Gateway to The Heart”. Imbalances can look like impulsiveness, overstimulation, and impatience. Stimulate this point with deep slow penetration to open up awareness, love, and passion

Try it Yourself

There are different techniques to stimulating these different points, but so much of it comes down to exploration. You can start to tune in to your energetic responses when you stimulate different areas in your vagina. This practice starts to open you up to the idea that sex isn’t just about pleasure and connection, it’s medicine in itself.

Rest. Receive. Surrender.