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When it comes to pleasure, the female body is a treasure trove of possibilities. Between the clitoris, nipples, g-spot, and more, there are so many erogenous zones all with their own unique sensations and ways to stimulate them.

One power-packed spot that can lead to deep pleasure and mind-blowing orgasms is the cervix. Let’s break down this magical organ and how to pleasure it.

Get to Know Your Cervix.

First off – what is the cervix? Your cervix is the gateway between the vaginal canal and the uterus. This donut-shaped organ helps protect the uterus from bacteria and infections and dilates and softens to let a baby through during birth.

The cervix changes position and firmness throughout your menstrual cycle. During ovulation, the cervix tends to be softer, more open, higher in the vagina and releases cervical fluids. Versus ovulation when it’s usually lower and more firm.

Before exploring cervical pleasure, it’s helpful to first feel where your cervix is at different points in your cycle using your (clean) hands. You can even see it for yourself with a speculum and a mirror!

The Magic of Cervical Stimulation.

According to Taoist reflexology, the cervix is the gateway to the heart, and stimulating it can help you tap into loving and connected energy. Stimulating your cervix can feel incredibly sensitive, and vulnerable, and bring up all sorts of emotions you may have closed yourself off to.

If you’re practicing cervical stimulation with another person it can take a huge level of trust to let them so far inside you – literally and emotionally. Tell your partner that you want to explore cervical stimulation and how you want to try it. You also can have them find your cervix in an explorative way before fully stimulating it.

The Right Angle.

Everyone’s body is different, and again your cervix moves throughout your cycle. But some positions make it a bit easier to stimulate your cervix.

Missionary with your bum propped on a pillow, you can even wrap your legs around your lover to help you get closer so they can get deeper.
From behind laying on your belly. Laying down helps you slow down while the angle helps your partner move deep within you.

The Magic Wand.

Another great way to stimulate your cervix is using a pleasure wand. The curved Juliet Pleasure Wand is the perfect shape for cervical stimulation and orgasms.

This is an incredible tool to use with a partner, or by yourself – just don’t forget a lubricant!

Sensation over Destination.

There’s no doubt that orgasms feel amazing, especially cervical ones. But cervical exploration is more about sensation over destination.

Focusing on climaxing can take you out of the moment and your body, the key is to focus more on sensation and connection.

When it comes to cervical stimulation, slow down, get juicy, and deepen your breath. Orgasms will happen in their own time.

Rest. Receive. Surrender.