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You’ve decided it’s time to dive into a new practice.

You’re pumped to explore the world of pleasure wands, aka crystal dildos.

You start to explore your options, but don’t quite know which is the right one for you.

If you’re new to the world of crystals, we’re here to give you some insight, and help guide you on picking the right stone for you.

Why Crystals?

Besides being a beautiful bedside piece, crystals have the capacity to help heal and transform different areas of your life through intentional practice.

Records show that crystals have been used for over 10,000 years everywhere from the ancient UK to Egypt.

Crystals can help redirect and transform your energy with their unique genetic vibrations and ability to store energy.

When you touch them or use them as tools, they interact with your energetic field to help clear the space and offer clarity.

Now combine that with the magnitude of your sexual power and you’ve got quite the transformative tool on your hands.

The Juliet Pleasure Wand comes in three different crystals: rose quartz, clear quartz, and black obsidian.

Three very different, but equally impactful crystals. Let’s take a look at what they do.

Rose Quartz: The Heart Opener

Rose quartz helps you soften into your pleasure and sense of self-love.

This captivating stone is known to help open the heart chakra.

The heart is the seat of your soul. Sometimes the tension of life can block off the energy in your heart space.

An open heart is magnetic. It creates an open channel for love to flow in and out, so you start to cultivate more love for yourself, others, and the world.

Tap into this heart space and your sexual empowerment with rose quartz.

Clear Quartz: The Cleanser

One of the most popular healing crystals around, and for a good reason. Clear quartz is sometimes called the “master healer” thanks to its versatility. Consider it a Jack of all trades.

This stone amplifies and clears. It swoops in and picks up the debris from your auric field. Think of it as a Roomba for your soul.

Crystal quartz may help heal old wounds and past traumas, clear and stimulate the mind, and absorb any energetic debris you’re ready to let go of.

This talented multitasker can help you connect with your higher self and amplify your intentions and manifestations.

Black Obsidian: The Protector

Ground down into your root chakra with black obsidian.

Your root chakra is associated with a sense of security and solidness. It quite literally, helps to keep you rooted. Feet planted firmly on the Earth.

Black obsidian helps to enhance this sense of protection, by shielding you against negative physical and emotional energies.

It helps to clear any psychic smog lingering in your auric field and protect it from future invaders.

Black obsidian is like a bodyguard for your aura.

Choosing The Wand For You

The biggest thing to consider when deciding which wand to get is your intuition.

If you’re drawn to one stone more than the others – there’s probably something to that.

If you’re not quite sure which one to choose, let the crystal pick you.

Using Your Crystal Wand

You can get the most from your crystal wand by creating a practice around it.

Before using it, set an intention. Tell it what you’re trying to create or heal. Be specific.

Keep it juiced up by charging it in the sun or under the moon.

Now dive in.

Rest. Receive. Surrender.