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The benefits of meditation are far reaching and well documented. Whether you’re mediation adverse, partake on occasion or meditate twice a day at a Deepak Chopra level, we know that the practice of switching off and turning inwards is good for us. Meditation can reduce stress, calm anxiety, improve memory function, lead to better sleep and even control pain — but did you know that meditation can improve your sex life, too?

Orgasms happen in the now. However, the fast-paced world that we live in means that many of us struggle to live (and feel) in the moment. Our left brain can go into overdrive, reviewing the past and worrying about the future; left to its own devices, this internal chatter can run rampant, becoming louder and louder until we are unable to focus on anything else. If you find it difficult to switch off during your day-to-day life, chances are, you find it difficult to switch off during sex.

Sound like you? Meditation offers a solution.

By incorporating meditation into your life (you can start small with a few minutes per day — it’s a lifestyle, not a quick fix) you’ll notice a few subtle changes:


More energy.

Deeper sleep leads to more energy, allowing you to show up for your partner feeling alive, energised and ready to give them your full attention.

Increased sensation.

With regular practice, meditation can help you stay present and experience more pleasure during sex. You can start tonight by focusing on the physical sensation during sex. If you find your mind wandering, bring your attention back to the sensation. The more you do this, the more neurological pathways are formed, and you’ll find that it’ll become easier each time.

Heightened awareness of your partner’s desires.

Want to know a secret? Meditation can make you psychic. But don’t just take our word for it, science says so. A recent study found that meditation is linked to improved empathic accuracy and related neural activity. This means that intuition is greatly increased and you’re able to better interpret how your partner is feeling.

If you’re at the beginning of your meditation journey, apps like Calm and Headspace offer an accessible entry point to the practice.

For guided meditations on sex, intimacy and conscious connections, along with more educational content on how to connect with your true sexual essence, enrol in Pleasure School™: a 12-month long program by leading Australian sexologist Juliet Allen.

Rest. Receive. Surrender.