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While it might seem like everyone is obsessed with the booty, in reality, anal play in sex is still a reasonably taboo topic. Amazingly, one of the body’s most euphoric erogenous zones is located in this area of the body. So if you’re wanting to dive deep into waves of heightened pleasure and harness the erotic zone that is the anus, we have some tips to ensure your desire is at the forefront of your next sexual experience.


Before exploring any anal play, we recommend having an open and honest conversation with your partner/s and ensuring consent is enthusiastically given, whilst also understanding everyone's boundaries, fears and desires. This could include establishing whether you will begin with using fingers (and how many), toys (and which ones) or if you will be choosing penetration with a penis.

The Wetter the Better

Ensuring you have a good lube is an essential key to incredible butt play. An easy rule of thumb to remember in this situation is that there’s never too much lube. However, picking the right type of lube is equally important. We recommend one of the The Lubricants by Yinn™ over silicone as they're 100% natural and won’t affect the condom or your toys (should you decide to use them).

Start Simply

To ensure an ecstatic and pleasurable butt play experience, you must to ease into it and take it slow. Start small and slow and then work your way up, checking in with you or your partner's body at each progression point and communicating your needs. We recommend either using your fingers (nails clipped) or the The Anal Plug by Yinn™ to become familiar with enjoy the sensation of butt play.


Harnessing your breath can be truly instrumental in pleasure, especially with anal sex. For both penis and vulva owners, utilising the pelvic floor is important in both partnered and solo sex. Through the power of breath work you can invoke a relaxing of the pelvic floor, which will help you ease into a more pleasurable sexual experience. Taking in three deep breaths from the heart space and pushing that loving energy down to your sacrum will help shift your body out of tense energy and into a more comfortable zone, while also relaxing your pelvic floor.

When you are ready for your partner or sex toy to enter your anus, take another deep breath, instructing your partner to enter you on the exhale. This creates an opening of the anus and a more easeful experience. Another tip to remember is that the anus is circular in its interior, so the best way to enter is by penetrating slowly in a twirling motion, rather than a direct thrust. This will ease the toy, fingers or penis in easily, rather than a thrust which could cause the anus to tense up and create pain.


Aftercare is often overlooked but is as necessary as foreplay in creating a beautiful loving environment for you and your partner/s. Once you have finished, lay with your partner and take time to enjoy the energy you have just shared. The sacral area is a place where the body can hold a lot of stagnant emotions and past traumas, so being aware of this and checking in with your lover/s after sex is a really integral moment of aftercare.


Written for Yinn™ by Caity H.

Rest. Receive. Surrender.