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Sexual empowerment for lots of women is something that can be hard to nourish and embody, but for others it seemingly radiates throughout their entire being. Either way there is no right or wrong when it comes to embracing your sexuality and sexual confidence, but if you are wanting some rituals to add into your daily habits, here are five simple rituals that support all women to feel sexually empowered every day.

A nice hot bath

One of the most amazing rituals to honour yourself and your body is as simple as enjoying a hot bath, we recommend adding Yinn™ Body Oil to the water and soaking in it for as long as feels right for you. This daily habit can contribute hugely to creating empowerment as it gives you time to appreciate doing absolutely nothing, naked. Enjoy the feeling of the hot water on your skin, mixed with the scent of the oil … and, relax. This is also a beautiful ritual to share with a lover at the end of the day.

Spend time every day naked

Now for some of us this comes naturally, and for others the thought of being openly naked might feel a bit daunting. If nudity comes naturally to you, then perfect! Go for it by stepping it up and jumping outside of your comfort zone. Get naked where you usually don’t; like when you’re gardening, or hanging the washing out.

For those reading this who are cringing at the thought of gardening naked, be gentle with yourself and simply begin spending a little time each morning after your shower without getting into your clothes straight away. You can even add a little morning body worship ritual with our Yinn™ Body Oil, this will support you to connect even deeper with yourself.

When we feel comfortable in our own skin and comfortable going about our day-to-day routine without clothes on, we eventually feel more comfortable during sex. Another simple way to build this confidence is sleeping naked on a regular basis (like, every night).

Meditate in your own way

A sexually empowered woman is a woman who is comfortable in silence and able to be deeply present with herself. Meditation is a beautiful way to start the day and practice presence with yourself.

If traditional meditation isn’t your thing, that’s okay! Some days it’s easier to meditate with mantras playing, other days meditation can be dancing or singing. It doesn’t matter if you’re not sitting still like a Buddhist monk, what matters is that you are taking time out to listen to your body’s wisdom and to what your heart has to tell you. Simply being with yourself is super empowering.

Eat healthy and exercise

It sounds so damn simple, right?! But unfortunately, so many women don’t prioritise their health and then wonder why they don’t feel sexually empowered. Feeding our body fresh food is absolutely essential if we want to feel sexually empowered. When we eat well our body functions at its highest capacity and our energy levels are at their best. This leads to higher libido and generally a greater zest for intimacy and sex.

Alongside eating well, exercise gives us an opportunity to feel fit and confident in our own skin. And when we feel fabulous (both physically and mentally), we generally feel more sexually empowered.


Self pleasure is a beautiful sacred way to connect with ourselves. To explore our body and know that we are able to pleasure ourselves is beautiful. Often the thought of self-pleasure as a daily habit can be tiring (“What if I’m not in the mood?”).

But self pleasure doesn't have to be a steamy session with your Juliet Pleasure Wand (though, this is an excellent means of self-pleasure, we must say).

Try thinking outside the box with your definition of self-pleasure.

For example, self-pleasure can simply be putting your hand on your pussy and heart and sending yourself love. It can also be massaging your breasts before a shower. Or perhaps it can be lying in bed and massaging your whole body with our Yinn™ Body Oil.

Remember, self-pleasure doesn’t have to lead to orgasm. Self-pleasure includes anything that you consider creates a conscious, loving connection with yourself and your body.

Rest. Receive. Surrender.